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What is Expressionism?
Artists no longer care about what people think. The artists follow their own beliefs and are just expressing their inner beings.
Ex-"Eye in the village" was a dreamlike fantasy of the artist's life and it was surreal.
What is constructivism?
The main premise of constructivism was the fact that the world got us in a mess, therefor, we must reject it-reject the past and show an interest in machines. It was about analysis and science and influenced by the theory of relativity.
What was the philosophical basis of the functionalist movement in design?
It;s essence was the simple, purest form.
A.)the beauty of an object was dependent on how it functioned. Beauty=function.
B.)It was the ultimate abstraction.
What was the Bauhaus? What is the general idea behind bauhaus design.
We should brutally reject the past and focus on the location of where these dieas were taught.
reject the...
Describe Le Corbusier's "Machines for living"
Houses that he built for his clients, the rich.
-an honest architecture and an extreme rejection of all the architecture we have seen so far.
diff from all other arch.
What was Le Corbusier's "modular" concept?
It used typically the human form and divided it using a rectangle.
A.)This lead to the standardization of measurement. Ex. from this, the length and width of a door was always the same length.
B.)also, this contributes to the overall goal of functionalism.
What is the international style?
Modernism also becomes known as the international style. You cannot tell by a picture where the building and landscape is or what it does.