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What two Greek words were the basis of the word geography?
Geo means earth and graphy means to write.
Who is the founder of geography?
Erastothenes is the father of geography.
What is spaciality?
Spaciality is where things are and why.
Who is the father of cartography?
Ptolemy is the father of cartography?
What is a township?
A township is a square six miles on each side
What are principal meridains?
Principal meridians are some of the north-south lines seperating townships.
How many sections are townships divided into?
Townships are divided into 36 sections.
What is a toponym?
A toponym is a name given to a place on earth.
What is a place to geographers?
A place is a specific point on Earth distinguished by a particular character.
What is a map?
A map is a two-dimensional or flat scale model of Earth's surface.
What is scale?
Scale is the relationship between the portion of Earth being studied and Earth as a whole.
What are connections?
Connections are relationships among people and objectsacross the barrier of space.
What is space to geographers?
Space refers to the physial gap or interval between two subjects.
What is cartography?
Geographers working to perfect map marking.
What is projection?
The scientific method of transferring locations on Earth's surface to a flat map.
How did the US Land Ordinance of 1785 divide the US?
It divided much of the country into a system of townships and ranges to facilitate the sale of land to settlers in the West.
What does GIS stand for?
Geographic information system
What is GIS?
A computer system that can capture, store, query, analyze and display geographic data.
What is remote sensing?
The aquisition of data about Earth's surface from a satellite orbiting Earth or from other long distance methods.
What does GPS stand for?
Global positioning system
What is GPS?
A system that determines accurately the precise position of something on Earth.