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Beignet soufflé
type of fitter made with éclair paste, which puffs up greatly when deep fried.
french for butter
Beurre blanc
white wine butter and used to describe an emulsified butter sauce made from shallots, white, wine and butter; also known as butter sauce.
Beurre noir
French for black butter and used to describe whole butter cooked until dark brown(not black)
Beurre noisette
French for black butter and used to describe butter cooked until it is light hazelnut.
Beurre rouge
an emulsified butter sauce made from red wine, butter and shallots.
french for beef steak.
Black forrest torte
a dessert made by layering kirsch soaked chocolate genoise with sour cherries and sweetened whipped cream.
a French milk pudding or custard, usually flavored with almonds.
a French white wine stew made with veal, lamb or chicken, mushroom and small white onions; the meat is not browned and is cooked in a white stock; the dish is finished in egg yolk and cream.
French for beef.
Bouquet garni
a French seasoning blend of fresh herbs and vegetables tied in bundle with twine and used to flavor stocks.
French for a garnish of carefully cut and arranged vegetables.
a system of staffing a kitchen so that each worker is assigned a set of specific task; these task are often related by cooking method, equipment or type of foods being produced.
a light tender French yeast bread enriched with eggs and butter.
French for skewer.
precision cut measuring 1/8’by 1/8 by 2.
(small brunoise) cut measuring 1/16 by 1/16 by 1/16.
Beurre manié
french for kneading butter and used to describe am mix of equal weights of flour and whole butter; it is whisked into a sauce just before service for quick thickening and added sheen and flavor.