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What are the 5 methods of weed management?
preventive, cultural, mechanical, biological , chemical
What are the steps of effective management?
1) identify problem weed species
2) decide whether control is needed
3) consider grower/agency resources and needs
4) choose control technology
5) monitor seed and veg populations
6) predict weed population shifts
7) evaluate long-term impacts, options
Define weed management.
system by which all available tools are used to reduce weed seedbank, prevent weed emergence with other plants, and minimize competition
Define preventative weed management.
measures taken to prevent the introduction, establishment and/or spread of specified weeds in non-infested areas
What is the name of the law that prevent harmful plants from coming in?
Federal Noxious Weed Act
What does the Federal Noxious Weed Act do (3 things)?
1) prevent entry of weeds of foreign origin
2) establish and enforce quarantines
3) control or eradication of weeds with potential for great loss
What does the Federal Seed Act require?
% of pure seed, % of other crop seeds, % of weed seeds, names of noxious weed species
What does a quarantine attempt to do?
isolate and prevent spread of noxious weed species
What are the steps in weed prevention?
1) Do not let them reproduce (kill prior to seed set)
2) Do not bury weed seed in uninfested areas
3) Do not plant infested crops or transplants
4) Do not feed weed screening to livestock
5) Clean farm machinery when moved from one site to the next
6) Kill weeds in surrounding area-ditchbanks, hedgerows
What factors make crop rotation a successful management tool?
differing planting and harvesting dates
differing competitive ability based on crop/weed maturity and growth
differing fertility, water, etc
Which would increase weed infestations--crop rotation or monocultures?
How does the planting date affect weed management?
rapid and even emergence of the crop is critical to crop vigor and competitive ability
What can happen if a crop is planted too early?
planting a crop too early, when soil temp is too low will often result in poor germation and low plant population; this leaves open areas for weeds to invade
What are the (dis)advantages of reducing row spacing for weed management?
Adv- favor crop competitiveness
Dis- limits equipment for planting, cultivation, and harvest
can increase disease and insect pressure
What is the (dis)advantages of increasing the seedling rate for weed management?
Adv- improve competitive ability of crop
Dis- intraspecific competition