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Who invented E-Mail?
Ray Tomlinson
Who invented WWW Code?
Tim Berners-Lee
Who invented Ethernet?
Bob Metcalf
Who was the architect of Mosaic?
Marc Andreesen
Who invented Java?
James Gosling
What year did the RUssians launch Sputnick?
What year was WWW code published?
What year was the PC invented?
What year was e-mail invented?
During Which year did the government start allowing commerce on the net?
The person that gave awa his anti-virus software on the internet?
John McAfee
This company made their fortune off of manufacturing routers.
Cisco Systems
This company made its fortune off of its network opseating system software.
NetWare - Novell
This company made its fortune off of ethernet technology.
This company struck it rich with the workstation and Java.
Sun Microsystems
What was the first message sent between the two IMPs at UCLA and Standford University?
What year did ARPA link the university mainframes?
Who was responsible for the theory necessary to build packet-switching networks?
Len Kleinrock
Who was responsible for getting funding for the ARPAnet?
Bob Taylor
Who is the principle architect that designed the ARPAnet network?
Larry Roberts
Besides the symbol and the artists' name, what else do you include in the copyright notice?
The year
When does copyright expire for works created after march 1989?
70 years after creators' death
When does the copyright expire for works BEFORE March 1989?
50 years after death
What is copyright--in business terms--typically referred to as?
A limited monopoly
PO: Titles
PO: Choreographic Works
PO: Improv. Speeches
PO:Architectual Works
How much is the fine for willful infringment?
Why two professions most often invoke fair use privileges?
teachers and journalists
Public Domain
Works taht can be freely copied by anyone
Work for Hire
When an employer owns all the copyrights
Fair Use
Laws that allow someone to use your copyright work in a way that is non-competitive