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What are the three most used browsers?

IE, Firefox & Safari
What does HTML stand for?

hyper text markup language
HTML is a collection of ___, ____, and _____ that build up an electronic document?

tags, attributes, values
What are the 5 parts of a non-empty HTML document?

1. start tag 2. attribute 3. value 4. content 5. end tag
What tag opens and closes a HTML document?

What tag follows the <html> tag and contains information that loads before the visible portion of the web page?

What tag describes the contents of the document, is important to search engines and is found inside the <head>?
What tag contains all the text and images that are displayed in the view port?

What do we use to transfer files?

What does SFTP stand for?

Secure File Transfer Protocol
What are the 5 rules of an xhtml document?

1. Open with proper doctype, namespace and content type
2. Write all tags and attributes in lowercase
3. Quote all attribute values
4. Close all tags
5. All attributes must have values
CSS is the language web designers use to change...

fonts, layout, colors, background images & color
What is the file extension for a Cascading Style Sheet?

CSS files are attached in the ___ of a HTML document.

What is the syntax to attach an external CSS file to a HTML document?

<link href=”css/example.css” rel=”stylesheet" type=”text/css” />
What are the 3 layers of web design? What language does each correspond with?

Structure - html
Presentation - CSS
Behavior - javascript
What is the term that gives meaning to the text inside HTML tags?

What are the 3 parts of a CSS rule?

Selector, Property & Value (Property and Value are inside declaration)
What are the 3 basic types of selectors?

Tag, Class, and ID
Tag selectors are ____, they apply to every instance of that element.

Class selectors can be used _____, they can be applied to multiple elements.

ID selectors are _____, they can only be applied once per XHTML document.

A division is a ____ level element, meaning that every instance starts on a new line.

What is the semantic meaning of a division?

It’s a section of the page with related information.
Divisions are typically associated with what HTML attribute?

What are the properties of the box model?
(from the inside out)
1. content
2. padding
3. border
4. margin
What property in CSS is used to create multiple columns?

What is the equation used to determine the actual width of a division in CSS?

content width + 2(padding + border + margin)
What are the 3 image formats for the web?

jpeg, gif, png 8
What image format is used for photographs and high color images?

What images formats use color tables of 256-colors?

gif and png 8
What image formats have transparency?

gif and png 8
What is the syntax for loading an image into HTML?

<img src=”img/my.jpg” alt=”My Image” />
What is the syntax for loading an image into CSS?

#idname {
 background: url(.../img/my.jpg);
When should I use a class and when should I use an ID?

Classes are used for styles that are repeated on the same page. ID’s are used to specify unique sections of the page.
What is the CSS syntax to remove the border from a linked image?

a img {
border: none;
What is the syntax for changing links?
Love Van Halen Always a:link a:visited a:hover a:active
What is the CSS syntax for changing the margin to 10px top, 20px bottom, 30px left & right?

#content {
 margin: 10px 30px 20px;
What is the CSS syntax for changing the background color, image, and direction the image repeats?
#content {
 background: color url repeat;
What is the CSS syntax for affecting all linked text, in a list element, inside the navigation DIV (with an ID of nav)?

#nav li a {
 font-size: 90%
What does the following code affect?#navigation li {
 font-weight: bold;
The . between a & active represents an active class. Anchor with a class that lives inside a list item. Changing the font weight to bold.
What tags make up a table in HTML?

<tr> <th> <table> <caption> <thead> <tbody> <tfoot>
What attribute is used within the <table> tag for screen readers?

What attribute is used to span across rows? Columns?

rowspan and colspan - used with <th> or <td> tags
What method did we use to alternate row colors in the table?

Assign a class to the odd rows
Explain the following code:
table {
 font: 80%/150% Times, Georgia, serif

It’s a table tag, the 80/50 part is font size & line height and the other is font family.
What does the action attribute of the <form> element do?

Instructs browser “what to do” with the forms information upon pressing submit.
Name 3 different values for the type attribute for <input> elements:

text, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, file, hidden
What is the purpose of the <fieldset> tag?

Surrounds the form with a border to provide a little more structure
What element assigns a caption to the <fieldset>?

What element allows the user to click on a word and bring the cursor’s focus to its related text field?