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The composition of soil that formed in place is mostly determined by the:
Bedrock composition
Unsorted, angular, rough-surfaced cobbles and boulders are found at the base of a cliff. What transported them there?

Denser particles settle slower
Flat, angular and irregularly shaped particles settle more _____
When the velocity of a stream suddenly decreases, the sediment being transported undergoes and increase in:
A flat-lying, fan shaped deposit of well-sorted sediments was probably deposited by:
running water
When a stream weathers particles, it is called:
What are 5 major natural agents of abrasion?
water, ice, waves, wind and gravity.
Chemical weathering is dominant in:
warm and moise climates
what is the most important form of weathering in high latitudes?
frost action (wedging)
In what month is chemical weathering more active than physical weathering?
How would rock particles at the end of the stream compare with the original sample?
more rounded and smooth.
What 2 processes are most important in the formation of soils?
weathering and biological activty.
The downhill movement of a rock or sediment w/o being carried by water, wind or ice is known as:
mass movement/mass wasting.
glacial deposits are ___
water deposits are ____