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What weather kills the most people annually?
Extreme Heat and Cold
What weather cause the most damage (costs the most to fix) annually?
Floods and Hurricanes
What is an atmospheric Reservoir?
The atmospheric Reservoir is the concept that represents the constant throughput of gasses between surface exchange and/or internal processes
Define Steady State.
Steady State refers to the constant gas concentration when input (gas moving from group to atmosphere) equals output (gas from atmosphere to ground)
What is the difference between weather and Meteorology?
Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere and the processes that cause weather
What is Residence Time?
Residence Time is the average length of time individual molecules remain in the atmosphere
What's the difference between Permanent gases and Variable gases?
Permanent gases has a constant proportion of atmospheric mass while variable gases varies in both time and space
What are 3 variable gases?
Water Vapor (H20), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Ozone (O3)
On a imagery map that show water vapor and visible, what is the difference between maps?
On a water vapor imagery map, the dark spots are a lack of water vapor.
What is Triatomic Oxygen?
Triatomic Oxygen is three oxygen atoms form a single molecule. Atomic Oxygen collides with molecular oxygen.
Define Density.
Density is the amount of mass of the substance (expressed in kilograms) contained in a unit of volume (m3)
Name the four layers of atmosphere (based on temp.) from bottom to top.
What is the Ionosphere?
The ionosphere extends from upper mesopsphere into thermosphere. It has a high ion concentration
What is Aurora Borealis?
Aurora Borealis and Aurora australis exist in the ionosphere.

-subatomic particles from the sun caputred by Earth's magnetic field

-captured energy causes gas to become excited