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What is a windsock?
A cloth bag that is narrow at one end and open at both ends. Air enters the wide end and causes the narrow end to point away from the direction that the wind is blowing.
What is an anemometer?
A device used to measure wind speed.
What is humidity?
The amount of water vapor in the air.
What is relative humidity?
The amount of water vapor the air is holding at a given temperature compared to the total amount that it could hold at that temperature.
What does evaporate mean?
Water changing from a liquid to a gas
What does condense mean?
Water changing from a gas to a liquid
What is a cloud?
Billions of tiny drops of water that condensed from the air.
What is precipitation?
Any form of water that falls from the air to Earth's surface.
What is a rain gauge?
An instrument used to measure the amount of precipitation.
What are weather satellites?
Devices in space that are used to take pictures of clouds and to collect other weather information.
What are cumulus clouds?
Puffy clouds that look like cauliflower, they form when large areas of warm, moist air float upward from Earth's surface
What are stratus clouds?
Flat gray blankets that seem to cover the sky, they form when a flat layer of warm, moist air rises slowly
What are cirrus clouds?
They look like commas or wisps of hair high in the sky. They form when the air rises high enough for ice crystals to form.
What does Nimbus mean?
It is a latin word for rain.
Who is a weather forecaster?
Someone who makes predictions about the weather.
What is an air mass?
A body of air that has the same general temperature and air pressure throughout.
What is a front?
A place where two different types of air massess meet.
What is a cold front?
This forms when a cold air mass moves into a warm air mass. Cold fronts often produce thunderstorms.
What is a warm front?
This forms when a warm air mass moves into a cold air mass. Warm fronts often bring ligh rain.
What is a thunderstorm?
A storm that produces heavy rain, strong winds, lightning and thunder.
What are flash floods?
Sudden and violent floods
What are hurricanes?
Large, violent storms that form over warm ocean water
What is a tornado?
Sometimes called a twister, it is a funnel-shaped storm of spinning wind.
What is an axis?
The imaginary line running through Earth. The Earth spins, or rotates, around its axis.
What is the equator?
A second imaginary line that circles the middle of Earth.
What is the Northern Hemisphere?
The half of Earth above the equator.
What is the Southern Hemisphere?
The half of Earth below the equator.
What is climate?
The average weather conditions over a long period of time for an area.
What is a tropical climate?
Usually hot and rainy year round
What is a polar climate?
These areas are usually very cold.
What is a temperate climate?
Thses areas generally have summers that are warm and dry and winters that are cold and wet.
What is an ice age?
Cold periods when ice sheets covered large areas of the world.