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What layer of the atmosphere does almost all weather occur in?
Four examples of precipitation?
The boundary between two unlike air masses.
a front
On a weather map, a line with a row of triangles on one side shows the location of .......?
a cold front
A meterologist looks at data about temperature, air pressure, and wind speed from high up in the atmosphere. The data probably came from a
a weather balloon
Weather stations do not collect data about(choose 2) temperature, humidity, cloudiness, precipitation, barometers, air pressure, wind.
thermometers and barometers are instruments that collect data
How do weather fronts move?
west to east
What does a front moving toward an area mean?
changing weather
Name 2 factors that cause clouds to form when water vapor cools.
dust particles
The centers of hurricanes and tornadoes have very low....
air pressure
In sunny, dry weather, the air pressure is........
and the relative humidity is......
air pressure: high
relative humidity: low
What do you use to measure wind speed accurately?
an anenometer
A groundhog seeing his shadow means 6 more weeks of winter is an example of.....
weather folklore
The change scientists have observed inwhich the Earth's average temperature is increasing.
global warming
The amount of water vapor in the air compared with the greatest amount that could be in the air at that temperature and pressure.
relative humidity