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What is a stoppage?
An unitentional interruption in the cycle of functioning.
What are the three types of stoppages?
Faulure to eject, Failure to fire and Failure to feed.
What is a misfire?
A complete failure to fire Which may be due to a faulty firing mechanism or a faulty element in the propellant charge.
What is meant by sustained rate of fire?
The actual rate of fire that a weapon can continue to deliver for an indefinite length of time without seriously overheating.
What is meant by maxium rate of fire mean?
A rate at which the weapon fires on automatic.
Define immediate action?
The unhesitating application of a probable remedy to reduce a stoppage without investigating the cause.
When firing a weapon what does the term "trajectory" mean?
The flight path of the round from the weapon to the target.
What is the difference between pistols and revolvers?
Pistols are magazine fed and revolvers are chamber fed.
What is the maximum effective range of the M16A1?
460 meters
As a saftey measure, what must you do prior to loading and firing any weapon?
Inspect the chamber and bore for obstructions.
What is the purpose of tracer ammunition?
Target spotting, to observe and adjust the strike of the bullets on the target.
How do you identify tracer ammunition?
By the point of the round which is orange.
The first consideration in handling any weapon is to make it safe by doing what to the weapon?
Clearing it.
What does S.P.O.R.T.S., stand for?
Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, and Shoot