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two regions of Africa
North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
What Kushite king defeated the Egyptians?
who introduced laws based on the quran?
Askia Muhammed; lesser crimes unpunished
islamic judges
Songhai: people
skilled traders
strong rulers
Songhai: Sunni Ali?
conquered timbucktu, djenne
ruled all of w. africa
Idea that one group left from a central point and spread out thru Africa
Bantu migrations
Eastern edge of the Sahel
Great Rift Valley
Climate/landforms at equater:
Climate/landforms in south
Warm; tropical rainforests
Hot; desert until S. Africa
changamire empire
stronger than monomotapa
took over Zimbabwe
Mali: king Sudiata Keita
Early king: (conquered Old Ghana). Improved agriculture, restored trade routes, collected surplus crops as tax.
Ghana: kings?
called ghanas; ruled over trading empire; wealthy from tariffs on salt, gold
Western Africa: Islam?
monotheistic, spread religion by trade; africans adopted language and religion
Mali's capital
What did masks symbolize in sub-saharan Africa?
link between the living and the dead
Which society: ivory, frankincense, myrrh, slaves?
Songhai: Askia Muhammed?
5 provinces:
tax collector
court of judges
trade inspector
Ghana: decline?
Attacked by almorarids (N. African Muslim group)
Which society: crops, fertilizers, salt, gold?
Which society: gold, elephant tusks, timber, iron, bronze weapons, ebony, leopard skins
Which society: kola nuts, farming produce, gold, iron, animal products?
Trade shapes ____.
Ghana: religion?
Trade brought Islam, but Muslims had some power
Island; sought after by sailors in search of ivory and gold that came from the coastal city-states of e. africa
Mali: king Mansa Musa?
Greatest king; powerful army, Islamic culture (Pilgrimage to Makkah- gave gold away so world price fell); built mosques, etc.
What was the west African culture that was established between 700-200 B.C. who farmed a lot, adapted to an increasing population...?
the Nok
Besides fun and spirituality, what role did music play?
It helped make work easier because of the rhythm.
Two rival forces of karanga territories:
What is a society that traces their descent thru mothers?
Ghana: imports?
Cloth, metal war, swords, salt (from Morocco, Spain)
Port in present day Mozambique
One word to describe Africa
Diverse- many different cultures, many different languages, many different landforms
Purpose of salt?
preserve foods
Two major rivers
Congo (Zaire)
E. african rulers:
either arab governors or African chieftains
Songhai downfall?
Askia Muhammed throw out by his son.
East coastline trade = ?
Arab influence (Swahili comes from Arab/African culture)
result of arab/persian merchants ruling the trading states:
africans convert to islam
Western Africa: natural resources?
gold, minerals, (trade b/c of resources)
Port; monopoly of gold trade
Malindi and Mombasa
ports north on coast
Which society: precious stones, gold, slaves, jewelry, pottery, monarchy, boats, and utensils?
Mali: meaning?
Where the king resides
Which society: gold, salt?
What is the kingdom in the southern part of the Nile River?
What group developed from the Nubians?
Who are thought to have invented the boat, utensils, idea of monarchy, etc.?
Zimbabwe- about
largest fortress
polit/relig center of kingdom
w/i wall (oval stone): maze
What was a major trading power that absorbed many elements of the Roman culture (like religion)?
oral tradition
legends/history passed by word of mouth
Zimbabwe: meaning?
"stone house"
Which Axum king converted to Christianity because of two shipwrecked people?
What led to the downfall of the Axum?
Muslim merchants/soldiers raided ports in the 600s ad
Mali: downfall
berbers (from N. Sahara), warriors from S. rainforest. Mali split into different states
what are age sets?
jobs that depend on age (boys/girls)
Bantu kingdoms (inland):
mined copper/gold
Indian Ocean trade
brought :
silk, porcelain from china
glass beads from india carpets from arabs
pottery from persia
Bantu states in S. Africa struggled in civil wars which resulted in..
disorder in kingdoms and dirupted trade
Bantu kingdom; 300 stone walled fortresses built.

between zambezi and limpopo rivers
relatively high, flat area