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what is the most common economic activity in soth africa?
agriculture: farming.
what country relies greatly on copper prices. when copper prices fall this countries economy is hurt?
the largest urban area in southern africa is?
who is steven becko?
a young black medical student who was peacefully protesting when he was arrested and beaten to death by police officers.
first ethnic groups in the region. there were 100,000-200,000 in 1600 when the europeans came almost all of them were killed or put into slavery by 1700
truth and reconciliation comission
was suggested by desen tutu and nelson mandela. people would tell the stories of abuse or being the abuser as a way of healing after apartheid was ended. many people think it saved south africa from having a civil war.
What are some of the things that had to change after apartheid officially ended in 1994?
1. educate everyone so they can get jobs
2. housing- get electricity and pluming in houses.
3. a running election and functioning government
*havent integrated neighborhoods yet!
first european sttlers arrive, set up supply station for dutch eastindia trading complany. many of the native khoikhoi and san people are killed or die of diseases brought by the whites others became slaves.
cape colony population is about 60,000, one third white
what is apartheid?
it is the belief that the white race is the superior race. it was an intensive seperation of the races.
what year was nelson mandela elected as the first african american president?
the worlds largest gold deposit was discovered in what year?