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Pedro Cabral
-led 13 ships to Calicut
-claimed Brazil
-sailed Atlantic Ocean to India, 1500
Francisco Pizzaro
1532- invades Inca empire in Peru.

captures Atahualpa, massacred many Incans
Montezuma II
Aztec Ruler in 1500's

thought Cortez was Quetzlcoatl; offered him gifts
Hernan Cortez
-landed mexico in 1519
-explored tenotchtlan guided by Malinche
-eventually ruled mexico
∑ When did exploration begin?
∑ When did Columbus sail to the “New World”?
Ferdinand Magellan
-1519 sailed (under spanish flag
-strait of magellan
-named ocean PACIFIC
-18 survivors.....completed first circumnavigation in 1522
∑ When was the world first circumnavigated?
Prince Henry the Navigator
-son of King John 1 (portugal)
-brought together mapmakers, mathematicians, astronomers to study navigation
-1400s: find Azores, Madeira Islands, Cape Verde Islands
(Portugese Empire!)
Aztec king in 1500s
Vasco de Gama
-1497, led 4 ships to India
-landed in Calicut (off Indian Coast) in 10 months
-found Hindus & Muslims trading
Bartholemew Diaz
-1488, Cape of Good Hope
Pedro alvares Cabral
-led 13 ships to Calicut
-claimed Brazil in 1500
∑ When did the population of Europe reach its peak?

100 million people
∑ When did Bartholomeu Dias sail the tip of Africa?
(left in 1487, arrived 1488)
∑ When did Vasco de Gama sail to India?
∑ The motivation of explorers: God, Gold and Glory
GOD- spread Christianity
GOLD- wanted wealth
GLORY- wanted fame for finding certain trading routes
∑ The shift in wealth of the European population
They overthrew other groups of people and used what they had to gain sucsess

∑ The development of banks
-loaned money
-became rich, started accepting deposits
∑ The impact of the transatlantic slave trade
-died from not eating (loss of will to live), other bad conditions
∑ What is the Columbian Exchange
-transfer of products from continent to continent
-brought changes in ways of life
-creates movement of people and cultures
∑ What major changes happened in Europe’s economy in the 1600s
-banking families replaced by gov't banks
-joint stock companies
-gold & silver increase= inflation
-balance of trade
∑ What is the Commercial Revolution (explain in detail)
-nations compete for markets
-new buisiness methods (fmaily banking, overseas trading venture,)
∑ What is mercantilism (explain in detail)
theory of national economic policy

a state's power depended on its wealth.

goal of every nation= be as wealthy as possible
Henry Hudson
-english navigator
-claimed land for Dutch along Atlantic Coast
∑ Examples of cultural diffusion as a result of exploration and trade