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In the War of the Austrian Succession, who had stronger forces, Austria or Prussia?
Who was Brandenburg-Prussia ruled by?
Hohenzollern family
Who inherited the throne after Frederick William?
his son, Frederick William I
Was Ferdinand an enemy of Protestantism of Catholicism?
Who was known as the Royal Drill Sargeant?
Frederick William I
How did Ferdinand begin his rule?
curtailed the rights/freedom of Bohemian Protestants
Was Frederick William a strong or weak ruler?
Why did the war continue even after the Czechs were put down?
territorial problems
What did the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle say?
recognized prussia's rise as an important nation
What did Frederick William offer the Junkers in exchange for the right to tax peasants and townspeople?
only junkers could be landowners, no tax, full power over peasants
Who became known as Frederick the Great?
Frederick II
Who were the Junkers?
Frederick the Great's attack on the Austrian province of Silesia caused what?
War of the Austrian Succession
What conflicts arose after the Peace of Augsburg?
between Catholics/protestants- CALVINISM??
After 7 years of fighting (aust. succession) the European powers did what?
signed the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
What did the Czechs do in response to Ferdinand's taking away their rights?
rebelled, took over Prague; started a war
Which countries backed Prussia during the war of the austrian succession?
spain and france
What happened to Germany at the end of the Thirty Years' war?
greatly weakened
Which country backed austria during the war of the austrian succession?
great britain
What happened to the Czech revolt?
crushed, forcefully reconverted to Catholicism
When was the Peace of Augsburg?
What family attempted to set up an absolute monarchy in Austria?
What did Maria Theresa's father convince the monarchs of Europe of?
pragmatic sanction
Which country came out of the Thirty Years' war as a leading power of Europe?
Maria Theresa ended trade barriers between which two countries?
Austria and Bohemia
What country was the traditional rival of the Hapsburgs?
What treaty extended the Peace of Augsburg by adding Calvinism to the list of recognized relgions?
Treaty of Westphalia
During the Thirty Years' war, who gained control of Prussia?
Hohenzollern family
Who was one of the greatest of the Hohenzollern monarchs with the title, "Great Elector"?
Frederick william
How did Frederick William increase the strength of Brandenburg-Prussia?
created a permanent standing army
How was Frederick William able to become an absolute ruler?
Junkers pledged alliance to him
After the Thirty Years' War, the Austrian Hapsburgs concentrated on building a strong monarchy where?
Austria, Hungary and Bohemia
Who inherited the Austrian throne in 1740 from Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI?
Maria Theresa
Where did the 30 years war begin?
Who was the Hapsburg heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire?
Ferdinand of Styria
For Austria, what was the result of the War of the Spanish Succession?
received the Spanish netherlands and got land in Italy
In 1683, the Austrians, with the aid of the Poles, did what?
lifted an ottoman seige of Vienna
Where did the international peace conference meet to work out an agreement?
Westphalia in Germany
What was the most powerful of the German states?
What was a royal decree having the force of law, by which Europe's rulers promised not to divide the Hapsburg lands and accept female succession to the Austrian throne?
pragmatic sanction