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Who helped Louis XIV in his efforts to support tradition but add?
Jean-Baptiste Colbert and Francois Michel Le Tellier
During which king's reign was the Edict of Nantes repealed?
Louis XIV
Who became Louis XIV's leading econ and financial adviser?
T/F: During Louis XIV's reign, many Huguenots were prosperous.
What happened to the Huguenots during Louis XIV's reign?
faced mounting persecution
Since any visible imporvement on one's household resulted in a higher tax, what happened?
No one wanted to improve; heavily taxed regions became poorer
Who was known as the Sun King?
Louis XIV
What cause other European rulers to join forces against France?
Louis XIV's desire for expansion
Louis XIV believed that the conversion from protestantism to catholicism would prove what?
loyalty to the throne
What was Louis XIV's goal?
expand the glory and power of France
Who was known as the most powerful Bourbon monarch?
Louis XIV
Because Louis XIV repealed the Edict of Nantes, what happened?
200,000 Huguenots moved to the Netherlands, England, and to the American colonies
Who inherited the French throne after Henry IV died?
Louis XIII
Where did Louis XIV move his court and gvt to?
palace at Versailles
What did Henry IV do to rebuild France?
restored treasury, repaired roads/bridges, supported trade and industry
At the end of Louis XIV's reign, what was Europe concerned about?
succession to the Spanish throne
How long did Louis XIV rule?
72 years
What allowed Protestant worship to continue in areas where Protestants were a majority, but not in Paris, etc.?
Edict of Nantes
Henry IV believed that people's religious beliefs shouldn't interfere with what?
loyalty to govt
Why did Louis XIV refuse to live in Paris?
the Fronde
Which French king converted to Catholicism to quiet his Catholic opponents?
Henry IV
The balance of power would be disrupted if who inherited Spain's empire?
What granted the Huguenots the same civil rights as Catholics?
Edict of Nantes
According to Bossuet, subjects had no right to revolt even if..?
the king was unjust
Who became king in 1643 at the age of 5?
Louis XIV
In the Treaty of Utrecht, England and the Netherlands recongized Philip V as king of Spain under what condition?
France and Spain would never be united under one crown
According to Bossuet, kings need account to no one except...?
What restored peace after the war of the Spanish Succession?
treaty of utrecht in 1713
When was the war of the Spanish Succession?
What did Louis XIV not require his nobles to do?
pay taxes
After Louis XIV's rule, the peasants and middle class resented what?
privileges and wealth of the nobles
After Louis XIV's rule, the nobles' had a little/a lot of power?
very little, but still a desire for power
What actions ended the religious strife and enabled France to rebuild itself?
Edict of Nantes giving rights to the Huguenots
Who was the leading church official of France during the 1600's?
Jacques Bossuet
At Versailles, Louis XIV felt safe from what?
Parisian mobs
After Louis XIV's rule, nobility sought to expand its power under who?
Louis XV
As many as how many people lived at Versailles?
Although Louis XIV relied on a bureacracy, he was the source of what in France?
political authority
The nobility depended on Louis XIV's favor for what?
pensions, court posts, and protection from creditors
What were French Protestants called?
Who issued the Edict of Nantes?
Henry IV
Why did Louis XIV emphasize a strong monarchy?
fear of disorder without it
Louis XIV grew up during what, a series of uprisings by nobles and peasants?
the Fronde
The unreformed tax system heightened what between the regions of France?
economic differences
Instead of changing traditions and losing the throne, Louis XIV did what?
added to them new admin offices and practices
Extending the efforts to strengthen the monarchy (like cardinal richelieu), Louis XIV chose his advisors from what class?
middle-class families (NOT nobility)
What was the supreme court of law in Paris called?
Louis XIV couldn't change all of the traditions, even though what varied throughout France?
legal systems, weights and measures, local gvt, etc.
Louis XIV's feelings about absolute monarchy were later supported by whom?
Jacques Bossuet
Although France enjoyed one of its most brilliant cultural periods under Louis XIV, his projects and wars did what?
left the country near financial ruin
To whom did Charles II's will give the Spanish empire to?
Louis XIV's grandson, Philip of Anjou
Was the war of the Spanish Succession good or bad for France?
bad- drained treaury, brought poverty, created opposition to Louis XIV's rule
When Charles II died, Philip of Anjou became King Philip V of Spain, causing what?
War of the Spanish Succession
What did Cardinal Richelieu do to try to make France the supreme power in Europe?
expanded army, supported culture, made French Academy
What did Cardinal Richelieu do to the Huguenots after defeating them?
took away their rights, but could have religious freedom
Cardinal Richelieu gave authority in local gvt affairs to what group of people?
When was the Edict of Nantes issued?
During Louis XIV's reign, who carried most of the tax burden?
lower class, poor
Who was Louis XIII's regent?
his mother, Marie de Medici
Who did Louis XIII let his mother bring in to advise him?
Cardinal Richelieu
When Louis XIII came to the throne, who was in control of the provinces?
What did Cardinal Richelieu do to end the nobles' power?
destroyed their castles and stripped them of their local admin fxns
What did Louis XIV sell to both nobles and non-nobles?
offices with guaranteed salaries
What was Cardinal Richelieu's ultimate goal (globally speaking)?
to make France the supreme power in Europe
After a period of religion conflict, peace was restored to most of France when who became king?
Henry IV in 1589
In what year did the Huguenots rebel against Louis XIII?
Who did Cardinal Richelieu try to take away military and territorial rights from?
Huguenots (by the Edict of Nantes)
After 7 years, who overthrew his mother and exiled her?
Louis XIII
Who served Louis XIV as minister of war improved France's mility position?
Who founded the Bourbon dynasty?
Henry IV