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1. What is the definition of Trichology?
The scienfic study of hair and it's diseases.
2. Define the structure of the hair follicle.
Mass of epidermal cells into the dermis forming a tube.
3. Define the bulb.
Fits over and covers the dermal papilla.
4. Define the papilla.
Cone shaped elevation at the base of the follicle fits onto the bulb.
5. Define the Arrector pili muscle.
Make the hair stand straight up.
6. Define sebaceous glands.
Oil ducts attached to the follicles are for lubricating the skin and hair.
7. What is the hair found on the the fetus and is extremely soft?
8. Name the three stages of hair growth and describe.
Anagen-the growth stage which new hair is produced.
Catagen- the falling out stage
Telogen-final, resting stage
9. What is Hyperthrichosis?
Excessive hair growth where hair does not normally grow.
10. Define electolysis.
the permentant removal of hair by mean of electricy.
11. What is a depilatory?
A caustic alkali preparation for temporary removal of hair dissolving at the skin level.
12. Who long should the hair be before waxing?
1/4 inch.
13. What are the two types of wax?
Hard and soft(strip)