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periodic disturbance in a solid, liquid, or gas as energy is transmitted through a medium
a physical environment in which a wave travels
examples of waves that need a medium, or media
sound waves, earthquake waves, and water waves
waves that don't need a medium to travel through
electromagnetic waves
examples of electromagnetic waves
visible light, microwaves, TV and radio waves, and X rays
particles vibrate perpendicular to the direction the wave is traveling
transverse wave
particles vibrate back and forth along the path that the wave moves
longitudinal waves
made of crests and troughs
transverse waves
made of compressions and rarefractions
longitudinal waves
how high or low the wave is from its rest position
higher ___ carries more energy than small ___
the space between two crests or two troughs
wave lengths
the # of waves produced in a given amount of time
shorter ____ carry more energy than longer ___
wave lengths
measured in hertz, Hz, (1 Hz = 1 wave per second
if ___ are =, high ____ waves carry more energy than low ____ waves
amplitude; frequency
speed at which a wave travels
wave speed
frequency and wave length are ____ related; if one is doubled, the other is cut in 1/2
the wave speed in a ___ ____ is the same no matter what the wave legth is
certain medium
happens when a wave bounces back after hitting a barrier
the bending of a wave as the wave passes from one medium to another at an angle; causes rainbows
the bending of waves around a barrier or through an opening
amount of _____ depends on wave length and the size of the barrier or opening
result of two or more waves overlapping
a crest will overlap a crest, trough overlap a trough, when they combine they form a new wave with a larger amplitude
condtructive interference
crest of one wave overlaps a trough of another wave and the new wave formed is smaller
destructive interference
looks like it's standing still but it's actually going in both directions
standing wave
happens when a vibrating at or near the resonance frequency of a 2nd object makes the 2nd object vibrate
the speed of ___ depends on the medium; and tempature affects also affects it
how low or high the sound seems to be
___ is related to the frequency of sound waves
high ___ = high frequency
low ___ = low frequency
apparent change in the frequency of a sound caused by the motion of the listener or the source of the sound
dopper effect
the larger the ____, the louder the sound
the most common unit to express loudness is
decibel (dB)
reflected sound wave