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Automnomous (adj)
independent; self serving
Aversion (n)
a particular dislike for something
Abscond (v)
to sneak away and hide
Caustic (adj)
harsh; corrosive;sarcastic
Conundrum (n)
a puzzle; problem
Capitulate (v)
to surrender; to give in
Didactic (adj)
intended to instruct; over moralistic
Despot (n)
one who has total power and rules brutally
Circumvent (v)
to get around; to sidestep
Frenetic (adj)
Facade (n)
a deceptive appearance or attitude; the front face of a building
Denigrate (v)
to belittle; to diminiiish the opinion of
Ubiquitious (adj)
existing seemingly everywhere at once
Garish (adj)
gaudy; in bad taste
Maxim (n)
a common saying or expression
Expunge (v)
to ease; to strike out
Odious (adj)
provoking hatred
Panache (n)
distinctive style; flair; elegance; verve
Founder (v)
to sink; to fail; to collapse
Intrinisic (adj)
essential; characteristic; inherent
Ostracize (v)
to exclude ot banish from a group
Scurrilous (adj)
vulgar; course
Clemency (n)
Regale (v)
to entertain; to amuse; to give a feast for
Ingenue (n)
an innocent or naive young girl