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Created by a vibration; a disturbance that transfers energy throught matter and empty space.
Matter; the stuff waves travel through.
Transverse Wave
A wave where the medium moves at right angles to the motion of the wave
Compression Wave
Awave where the medium moves at rigin the same direction as the motion of the wave
The amount of energy a wave transfers
Highest point of a transverse wave.
Lowest point of a transvserse wave
Wavelength of Transverse wave
The length of one wave - includes one crest and one trough. Measured in cm etc.
Amplitude of Transverse wave
The height of the crest or the depth of the trough of a transverese wave.
rest position
The horizontal line that show what the medium is like before the wave disturbes it.
The dense or squeezed part of a compression wave
The spread out or less dense area of a compression wave
Amplitude of a Compression wave
Measures by how tightly packed the particles of the medium are in the compression
Wavelenght of a Compression Wave
The distance between one compression and one rarefaction
the number of waves past a point in1 second. unit: hertz (hz)
The bending of a wave when it goes around a barrier
The ability of an object to vibrate by absorbing energy at its natural frequency.
The combining of two or more waves. either constructive or destructive.
The bending of a wave as it moves from one medium to another
The bouncing back of a wave when it hits a barrier
Doppler Effect
The change in frequency or pitch that occurs when the source of a sound wave is moving relative to the observer
Intensity of sound
The amount of energy a sound wave carries measure in decibels. dB
Loudness of sound
How human perceive the intensity of a sound wave
How humans perceive the frequency of sound waves.
Pitch and Frequency have a positive relationship.
A hollow air filled space that amplifies sound when it is vibrated
Man made device that uses sound to determine the location and distance to objects under water.
Frequencies above human hearing; above 20,000hz
Electromagnetic wave
Waves created by vibration electron that can travel thru a vacuum or a medium. A wide variety of frequencies and wavelengths are possible
gamma ray
Highest energy electromagnetic wave. Very short wavelength and very high frequency
infrared wve
electromagnetic waves we associate with radiant heat. Wavelenght and frequency just below human sight.
Ultra violet rays
electromagnetic waves with wavelengths and frequecies just above human vision. Harmful
electromagnetic wave with longest wavelenghts and frequencies
a specific type of radio wave used for cooking food and transmitting data
Visible light
The part of the electromagnetic spectrum humans can see.
electromagnetic waves with wavelengths that a just longer then gamma rays. Penetrate skin
Material that does not allow light to be transmitted
Material that allows light to be transmitted thru it but not clearly Wax paper, frosted glass
Materal that allows to be clearly transmitted thru it.
Concave mirror
Reflects light from a surface that is curved inward. Can magnify objects or create light beams
Concave lens
diverges light ray to form smaller, upright virtual images. Thinnger in the middle and thicker on the edge.
Convex mirror
Reflects light from a surface that curves outwards adn forms smaller upright, virtual images.
Convex lens
Converges light rays; thicker in the middle than the edges can form real and virtual images
virtual image
upright reflected image your brain understands but no light passes thru it
real image
Upside down opitical image formed when light passes throught an object
Device that produces coherent light and is used in medical treatments and in industry and science.
coherent light
Light with one wavelength that travels with all crest and troughs lined up
Symbol for wavelength