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punctual (adj)
on time
landlord (n)
person who rents property to others
hostile (adj)
unfriendly; threatening
desperate (adj)
wanting intensely
pliers (n)
a tool used for gripping or bending objects
reinforcements (n)
additional or supporting forces
radioactive (adj)
giving off dangerous levels of nuclear radiation
emulate (v)
imitate; copy
bravo (interj)
very good
zombie (n)
person in a sleeplike state and with a strange appearance
intimidating (v)
to bully or threaten
hypnotized (adj)
in a trance-like state
juvenile delinquent (n)
person under 18 who gets into a lot of trouble
frostbite (n)
freezing or partial freezing of part of the body
thermostat (n)
device for controlling temperature
assure (v)
encourage by promising
incapable (adj)
not able
flypaper (n)
sticky paper made to catch flies
traitor (adj)
flamethrower (n)
a weapon that shoots fire