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What costs $2 during happy hour?
Draft beers, specialty martinis, frozen drinks, and Texas Lemonade
When is happy hour?
4pm-7pm and 9pm to 11pm Monday through Friday
How much are domestic and premium bottles?
2.95 and 3.95, respectively
How much are draft pints?
2.95 for Shiner and Bud Light, 3.95 for Dos Equis Lager
How much are draft pitchers?
8.50 for Shiner and Bud Light, and 11.50 for Dos Equis
How much are bottled wines?
$26 - $32
How much is glass wine?
How much are well and call liquors?
How much is premium liquor?
How much is super premium liquor?
What are the specialty drinks and how much are they?
Appletini, Waterloo Cosmo, Wildflower, Mochatini, all $6
What are the capital cocktails and how much are they?
Texas lemonade, Berry Lemonade, Watermelon Cooler, Mango Sunrise, all $6
How much are frozen drinks?
Large 16 oz 5.75
Small 3.75
What are the Rocks Margaritas and how much?
Old school is 6.75, New school is 7.75
Mexican Martinis?
tex-mex and real-mex, both 8.75
What's in an old school?
Rocks Margaritas
1800 Reposado tequila, deKuyper Triple Sec, garnished with a lime wedge and salt
What's in a new school?
Rocks Margaritas
Herradura silver Tequila, Cointreau, garnished with a lime wedge and salt.
What's in a Tex-Mex?
Mexican Margaritas
Patron Silver Tequila, cointreau, served in a martini glass with a shaker and garnished with 2 olives, a lime wedge, and salt
What's in a Real-Mex?
Mexican Margaritas
Sauza Commerativo Tequila, Grand Mariner, served in a martini glass with a shaker, 2 olives, a lime wedge and salt
What's in an Appletini?
Specialty Cocktails
Well Vodka, Sour Apple Pucker, and a splash of sweet and sour, garnished with a cherry
What's in a Waterloo Cosmo?
Smirnoff Citrus, Triple Sec, a dash of Tuaca, and a splash of cranberry juice, garnished with a lemon rind
What's in a Wildflower?
Smirnoff Cranberry Twist Vodka, Triple Sec, with a dash of Razzmatazz
What's in a Mochatini?
Smirnoff Vanilla, Creme de Cocoa white, Godiva white Chocolate
What's in a Texas Lemonade?
Capital Cocktails
Tito's Texas Vodka and lemonade, garnished with a lemon
What's in a Berry Lemonade?
Capitol cocktails
Smirnoff Cranberry Twist Vodka, lemonade, and a splash of cranberry juice, garnished with a lemon