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Who needs water?
all living things
Your cells are mostly made of
Water changes temperature more (slowly, quickly) than air.
What fraction/portion of the Earth does water cover?
Where is most of the Earth's water found?
in the oceans
Describe saltwater.
Saltwater has large amounts of dissolved salt in it.
Describe freshwater.
Fresh water has little or no dissolved salt in it.
Most plants and animals that live in ocean water (cannot, can) live in fresh water.
Where can you find running water?
Running water can be found in streams and rivers.
Where can you find standing water?
Standing water can be found in lakes and ponds.
What is the name of the tiny living things on the surface of the oceans?
Why can't plants grow on the bottom of the ocean?
Sunlight can not reach the deepest parts of the oceans.
What do many saltwater animals feed on?
Why can't seaweed grow in deep water?
Seedweed, like all plants, need sunlight to grow. Sunlight does not reach the deepest parts of oceans.
--- are like rivers moving through the ocean waters
What are the two main kinds of currents?
surface and deep
What are most surface currents caused by?
What are most deep currents caused by?
differences in water temperature
What do deep currents sometimes bring up to the ocean's surface from the ocean's floor?
minerals which ocean animals use to grow
Name a famous warm ocean current which travels near the eastern portion of the United States.
the Gulf Stream
Why do most food chains start with plants?
Most food chains start with plants becuase plants make their own food.
How do animals get food?
Animals must eat plants or other animals for their food.
The cells of all animals are mostly made of ---.
Describe an environment.
An environment is a place where plants and animals live.
The way that different things depend on each other for food is called a food ---.
The oxgen in the air on Earth comes from ---.
The land areas near a warm ocean current have a --- climate.
Why are freshwater environments important?
Fresh water environments give many animals and plants the water they need to live.
What are saltwater environments important?
Saltwater environments provide most of theoxygen that animals and plants need to live.