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What are the symptoms of Profusion of ST fire?
MC: hunger; polyphagia and dry stool
Emaciation; whole body feels hot, esp. face; sweaty; acid regurgitation; bad breath; bitter taste
T= dry yellow coat P= Slippery, full & forceful
What is the treatment principle for Profusion of ST Fire?
Clear ST heat
Drain FIre
Nourish Yin
Generate Fluids
What are the symptoms of Kidney Yin Deficiency with Wasting & Thirsting Disorder?
MC: frequent Urination; turbid, cloudy or sweet urine; dry mouth & lips; 5 centers heat; Red tongue; rapid,deep, thready pulse
What formula is used for Kidney Yin Xu?
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
(Six Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia)
What is the treatment principle for treating Wasting & Thirsting Disorder due to Kidney Yin Xu?
Nourish Kidney Yin and moisten Dryness