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Olympic Peninsula location
NW corner of WA state. Bordered by Pacific on west, strait of Juan De Fuca north, Puget Sound east, and Willapa Hills south.
Olympic Peninsula city/town/mountain
City: Sequim
Mountain: Mt. Olympus
Olympic Peninsula economy
Logging because of lots of rain because of temperate forest, tourism
Olympic Peninsula facts (3)
* Home to Makah, Hoh, Quileute and Quinault tribes
* Mountains put heavy rain which makes them a rain shadow for area just east of the mountains
*thick evergreen forests
Puget Sound Basin location
between Olympic and Cascade Mts. Runs north-south, border to border
Puget Sound city/mountain/town
City: Seattle/Bellevue
Puget Sound economy
computer software, airplanes, fishing
Puget Sound facts (3)
* coal deposits formed 58 million years ago
* shaped by Fraser Glacier or Cordilleran Ice Sheet
* Most populated region-4 million people
Cascade Mountains location
divides state from east to west
Cascade Mountains city/town/mountain
Town: Leavenworth
Mountain: Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak
Cascade Mountains economy
tourism, recreation
Cascade Mountains facts (3)
* Formed by techtonic plate folding and volcanic eruptions
* Mt. Rainier-largest glacial system in continental US
*Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, changing land forms
Yakima River Drainage location
between Cascades&Colombia River Basin
Yakima River Drainage city/town/mountain
City: Yakima
Yakima River Drainage economy
livestock, apples, other fruits, & hops (in beer)
Yakima River Drainage facts
*contains the Yakima and Kittitas Valleys
*rich soils for agriculture
*location (in previous card)
Colombia River Basin location
west is yakima river drainage and cascades, north is okanogan highlands, southeast is blue mountains
Colombia River Basin city/town/mountain
Cities: Spokane, Wenatchee, <Richland, Pasco, Kennewick>
Colombia River Basin economy
agriculture, hydroelectric power from dams
Colombia River Basin facts
*ice dams formed by glaciers caused formation of enormous lakes
*largest region, its dominant feature is the 1,400 mile Colombia River and its tributaries
*Colombia & tributaries move 2 mill. gallons of water to ocean per second
Okanogan Highlands location
northeast corner of state between Cascades and the Idaho border
Okanogan Highlands city/town/mountain
City: Okanogan
Okanogan Highlands economy
small logging, agriculture, not much industry
Okanogan Highlands facts
*foothills of Rocky Mountains, lower than Cascades
*pine forests support a small logging industry
*Collville Indian Reservation largest in state
Blue Mountains location
southeast corner of state, extending into Oregon, Snake river is northern boundary
Blue Mountains city/town/mountain
Cities: Walla Walla, Pomeroy, Clarkston, Lewiston
Blue Mountains economy
little industry, wine
Blue Mountains facts
*small population
*pine forests
*dry climate
Willapa Hills location
southwest region, bordered by ocean, Colombia River, Olympics, & Puget Sound valley to east
Willapa Hills city/town/mountain
Cities: Ocean Shores, Long Beach, Longview, Kelso
Willapa Hills economy
logging, seafood, tourism
Willapa Hills facts
*lower mountains than Olympics,but also pushed up by tectonic plates
*sandy beaches along Pacific, includes 30 mile sand peninsula (long beach)
*once covered by sea; sandy bogs produce cranberries