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Fire Hydrant Parking
15 ft
Stop sign Parking
30 ft
Driveway Parking
5 ft
Rail Road Parking
50 ft
School zone Speed
20 MPH
City Speed
25 MPH
Country Road Speed
50 MPH
Buy a car ? days to register
Sell a car ? days to register
Good headlights
400 ft
Good Horn
200 ft
High beams oncoming
500 ft
High beams following
300 ft
Following emergency vehicle
500 ft
Complete pass
200 ft
Turn signal
100 ft
mid block turn lane
300 ft
Renew license every
5 yrs
renew car tabs every
1 year
change of address
10 days
report accident
4 days
tire depth
1/16 (width of a penny)
most accidents happen with in ? miles of home
.02 limit
Alcohol adult (21 & over)
.08 limit