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Jose Marti was born in
Havana, Cuba
Jose worked...
on underground newspapers
At age 16 Marti was arrested for....
subversion and sentenced to six year's in a chain gang
Marti after one year in the chain gang was exiled to...
Marti visited Cuba... times
Marti visited cuba under a ....
fake name
Marti was a ... in New York
Spanish teacher at central high
Marti married a women whose daughter became the...
protagonist of several of his versos sencillos
In 1894 Marti founded...
Cuban Revolutionary Party
Marti died of
as a victim of Spanish rifles on May 19, 1895
Marti plays with colors and sounds, giving life to harmonic, beautiful, and ...
visionary poetry
Guantanamera is based off.
Marti's poem, "Versos Sencillos"
yo soy un hombre sincero
de donde crece la palma,
y antes de morime quiero
echar mis versos del alma
Jose Marti from Cuba
todo es hermoso y constante
todo es musica y razon
y todo, como el diamante
Antes que luz es carbon
Jose Marti from Cuba
Callo, y entiendo y me quito
la pompa del rimador:
Cuelgo de un arbol marchito
Mi mucecta de doctor
Jose Marti from Cuba
Becquer was born into a family of...
Becquer suffered from...
Becquer was a....,.... and probably a ....
poet, painter, musician
How many poem are in Rimas
What is the central theme of most of Becquer's poems
Some rhymes are about an....
unreal world
Becquer sprung....poetry
modern or contemorary
Alfonisa was born in....
Alfonsina's father was a/an...
At age... Storni contributed to the household and began...
11, writing
At age... Alfonsina toured Argentina for a year
Why did Alfonsina flee to Buenos Aires
She had a child with a married educated newspaper journalist; to save his reputation
Alfonsina urged the government to grant women...
the right to vote
Alfonsina wrote essays on
women's rights
Alfonsina's poetry has distinct....themes
In 1935 Alfonsina discovered...
she developed breast cancer
How did Alfonsina die?
She commited sucide by walking into the ocean and drowning
Asi diciendo te broto un la grima
Tu me dijiste y me coyoen la boca
What is the teme of Peso Ancestral
The roles of women and their burdens that are involved in different genders
Guillen was a .... poet
His father introduced him to....
the afro-cuban son when he was very young
In 1930 his poetry was inspiried by the popular son...
a popular Afro-cuban musical form
He wrote his first poem at age...
Gullen was as much a.... as a....
political activist, poet
Guillen was revolutionary is advocating a construction of a new scoety that exposed...
social discriminations, predjudicies and poverty
What is jitanjafora and who created it
invented words used for their musical or rhythmic effect-- Guillen
He met... from the Broncs and influenced his poetry
What is the central theme of Guillen's work?
the beauty of Africa-ness
Que de barcos que de barcos!
que de negros, que de negros!
Piedra de llanto y de sangre
vanas y ojos entreabiertos
Don Federico me grit
y Taita Facundo calla
los dos en la noche suenan
y andan, andan
yo los junto
Guillen the end of the poem
Overall theme of Guillen
the things that make us human are what were share

different cultures should be enemies
Tu le das con el hacha y se muere
no le des con el pie que te muerde