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what is matter?
anything that has volume and mass
what is volume?
the amount of space taken up
what is a meniscus?
a curve that you see at the liquid's surface
what is mass?
amount of matter in a given substance
what is gravity?
force of attraction between objects due to their masses
what is weight?
measure of the gravitational force on an object
what is a newton?
SI unit of force
What is the measure of the amount of matter in an object?
what is always constant for an object no matter where the object is in the universe?
what is varied depending on where the object is in relation to the earth?
what is measured with a spring scale?
what is measured with a balance?
what is expressed in kilograms, grams, and milligrams?
what is expressed in newtons?
what is inertia?
tendency of all objects to resist any change in motion
what is a physical property?
can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the matter
what are some kinds of physical properties?
mass, volume, color, oder, etc.
what is thermal conductivity? give an example
the ability to transfer thermal energy from one area to another

ie. plastic foam
what is a state of something?
the physical form in which a substance exists (solid, liquid, gas)

ie. ice water
what is malleability? give an example
the ability to be pounded into thin sheets

ie. aluminum
what is ductililty?
the ability to be drawn or pulled into a wire

ie. copper
what is solubility? give an example
ability to dissolve in another substance

ie. sugar dissolves in water
what is density?
mass per unit colume

ie. lead
what is density?
amount of matter in a given volume
what is a chemical property?
a substance based on its ability to change into a new substance with different properties
what is a characteristic property?
properties that are most useful in identifying a substance
what is a chemical change?
when a substance is changed into an entirely new substance
what are some examples of chemical changes?
soured milk, statue of liberty(use to be brown nd now is a greenish color)
can chemical changes be undone?
what are the states of matter?
solid, liquid, gas
what are the two types of solids?
crystalline and amorphous
what is a solid?
matter that has definite shape and volume
what do the particles of a solid do?
they do not move and vibrate in place
what do the particles of a liquid do?
thy slide and move fast enough to over come some attraction between them
what does the particles of a gas do?
move fast and move independently of one another
what is a liquid?
state of matter that takes shape of its container and has definite volume
density and texture is an example of _________ ____________.
physical properties
if something has a lower density, then it is _____________.