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cast of characters in trust


Requirements for trust


Beneficiaries (ascertainable)

Legal purpose

Documentation of trust; can be oral if terms proven

spendthrift trust
Spendthrift trusts: assets in spendthrift cannot be reached by creditors of beneficiary; all trusts are spendthrift in WA by statute; exceptions for child support and claims from necessity creditors
Modification of trust if settlor unavailable
If settlor unavailable, need to distinguish between modification and termination and if modification between administrative deviation or distributive deviation

Administrative deviation is change that does not affect distribution or beneficial interests

Distributive deviation is traditional rule that court may order deviation only if unforeseen circumstances that would defeat/substantially impair accomplishment of trust purpose AND change is justified for trust purpose
Termination of trust if settlor unavailable
Termination: when settlor unavailable, even if consent court can order termination ONLY if termination would not be contrary to material purpose of the settlor; courts deem spendthrift to be material purpose
Removal of trustee
Removal of trustee: only allowed for cause (breach of trust, dishonesty, lack of capacity, friction between trustee and beneficiaries generally not enough and hardest to remove when trustee appointed by settlor)
Trustee duties
Trustee has duty of loyalty and duty of care

Treat beneficiaries impartial

Segregate/earmark trust property

Delegate responsibily

Preserve trust property

Account and keep informed

duty of loyalty/care
Loyalty: must act solely in best in interests of beneficiary; self-dealing not allowed

Care: duty to invest prudently; must establish custom-tailored investment strategy for each trust, accounting for general conditions of economy, effect of inflation, role investments play with trust portfolio, return, etc.