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A rolling plain covered with grasses and small shrubs.
What is a Moor?
p.257 & 258
tract of open wasteland usually covered with Heather & shrubs & often marshy.
A wet, spongy area of land used to extract peat used for fuel.
What is a Bog?
p.257 & 258
a small marsh containing Peat used as fuel. Sacrificial Celtic victims have been found preserved perfectly in bogs.
A small-scale manufacturing operation in which people make goods by hand in their own homes.
What is a Cottage Industry?
p. 257.
Handcrafted goods made in people's homes or small shops. Ex. Cobbler, Blacksmith, Candle-making, Tailor, et. al.
Money paid to workers for their labor.
What is a wage?
p. 257.
Money paid for work done which varies according to the type of work & tenure of employee & how laws are enforced to protect workers.
An organization of workers who are in the same industry; a labor union.
What is a Trade Union?
p. 263
Based on strength in numbers which can put pressure on employers to improve workers environment, safety, & salary
To stop work, as a group, until certain demands are met.
What is a Strike?
p. 263
A process that forced Factory owners to make deals with workers. In the 1900s the Labour Party was formed to represent workers and control government by passing laws and creating new programs to change society.
The largest of the British Isles containing 3 countries:
England, Scotland & Wales.
Where is England?
p. 257.
The country of Great Britain which holds its seat of government - a Parliamentary Monarchy. Area = 50,331 sq.miles;Population = 46,363,000 (c.1995)
The northern part of England.
The northern section of this area is called the Highlands.
Where is Scotland?
p. 258.
The highlands region is windy, raioy with uneven mountains and lakes, moors & bogs.
A peninsula of western Great Britain where many people speak Gaelic (Celtic language)
Where is Wales?
p. 259
A peninsula of 8,016 sq. mi. & 2,792,000 population
The largest of the British Isles composed of the 3 countries England , Scotland, & Wales.
What is Great Britain?
p. 258.
The 3 countries on the main isle under British parliamentary rule.
The second largest island lying west across the Irish Sea. It is an independent country since 1949 composed of Catholics, who are descendents of the Celts, and speak Irish Gaelic.
What is the Republic of Ireland?
p. 258.
The Irish Republic covers about 80% of the land.
The six northern counties that remain part of the United Kingdom called Ulster.
The people are Protestant and British citizens.
What is Northern Ireland?
p. 258
The northern section of Ireland which is separated from the rest of the Island by being Protestant and loyal to Great Britain.