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Who is the leader of the Congress of Vienna?
Prince Clemens von Metternich
One reason the refugees were given benign treatment:
The goals of the middle class revolutionaries conformed to a wide range of current practices in their host states
Karl Marx's collaborator and patron?
Friedrich Engels
The British socialist who founded a socialist community in IN?
by 1914, how many Europeans had immigrated to other continents?
60 Million
Another term for pre-industrial production systems
cottage industries
The french statesman who introduced legislation for an elementary school system
Francois Guizot
What did 19th c. intellectuals believe would help strengthen the nation?
Military training
The name of an english feminist who used civil disobedience
Emmeline Pankhurst
What did Lenin think was the inherent connection between capitalism and imperialism?
In order to survive, capitalist economies had to find new markets for their surplus products.
What does Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori mean?
It is sweet and proper to die for one's country
Why did Wilson wish to maintain US neutrality in WWI?
Because so many US citizens were foreign born and tended to support the central powers
What did the Sedition act of 1918 make illegal?
To speak or publish critical material of the gov't or sell war bonds
3 countries that provided troops who fought in the whote army:
US Britain France