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How did Europe come into being?
Waves of migration by tribes pushed westward
What are the elements from which the civilization of the High Middle Ages was constructed
1) love of freedom by barbarians
2) civil order being established by agreements b/n a set of magnates who controlled their tenants (feudalism)
3) Religion, namely, Christianity
What divided the realm of Charlemagne into three parts (France, Germany, 3rd kingdom)
Treaty of Verdun in 843
What are the essential categories of political study
1) reality
2) illusion
What were philosophies responses to despotism of the Greeks and Romans
Stoicism and Christianity
What are instances of despotism infringing through military conquest in Europe
1) City states of Ancient Greece (Alex the Great)
2) Roman Empire
3) Christianity/Barbarian Kingdoms
Why did Greeks disdain despotism
No differentiation b/n rel'n amongst slaves and masters
Who was the caliph of Baghdad who kidnapped Scheherazade
Harun Al Raschid
Who did the Isrealites ask for a king to judge them and lead
The prophet Samuel in 11th century
What signs can indicate the politics beneath the surface level
1) distinction b/n private and public life
2) Political rhetoric
How is western politics distinguished from other forms of social order
Resolving of conflict through free discussion not simply knowing one's own place
On what did Rome's fame largely rest
Moral strength, bribary as a capital offense, for example
What was the greatest disaster in the hx of the Roman senate
The defeat of Cannae by Hannibal the Carthaginian in 218 BC
How did Polybius explain Rome's success
1/3 monarchical, aristicratical, and democratic
What was the most distinctie contribution of Romans to politics
auctoritas: junction of politics with Roman religion
What two words did Romans use to distinguish "power"
1) potentia (physical)
2) potestas (legal right)
When was Rome ruled by kings
753 BC (Romulus) to 509 BC (Tarquin the Proud expelled by Junius Brutus for rape of Lucretia)
From where does the political vocabulary of western civ derivate
1) political vocabulary of the greeks (policy and politics)
2) civic vocabulary of Romans (civility, citizen, civilization)
How does persuision differ from command
assumes equality b/n speaker and listener
What is the only appropriate rel'n b/n rational beings
Although greeks may have been tyrants or usurpers, what were they not
Why was citizenship conferred only to men
differing degrees of perceived innate rationality
Who are the factions in the IIIrd book of Thucidides Pelopennesion War
Cleon (realism)
Diodotus (rationalism)
What was the Oikos, besides the basis for economics
system of orderly subordination: male to female, parent to child, master to slave
What false premise did the greeks base their politics
everyting in the world was the result of deliberate design
What semi-divinities founded Sparta and Athens
Lycurgus and Theseus
What is the most famous case of someone restoring a politcal design
Solon at Athens in the 6th century BC
What two features of Solon's reforms illustrate essential features of greek politics
1) basing politics on territorial units that mixed up clans or tribal loyalties
2) left athens for 10 yrs so constitution could be operated by others (Separation of power)
Strictly speaking, what is the key to politics
a nexus of abstract offices to which duties are attached
Despotism depends on _____; politics, on________
Personality and positions
What is the set of offices by which a polis is governed and the laws specifying their relation
The constitution
how do constitutions work
1) circumscribe the power of the office holders
2) create predictable world in which citizens conduct their lives
what has led to the emergence of political science
constitutions giving form to politics
what was the main division during the classical period of greek politics
b/n oligarchal states (favoring the rich/powerful) and democracies (responding to the interests of the poor)
what was the most powerful tool used in greek poly sci
theory of recurrent cycles
what was polybius' theory of PS
M d T o A d O o D d M
who said knowledge is power
Francis Bacon
What is the theory of the balanced constitution
1) gov't has several fx that can be parceled out amongst offices/assemblies
2) this distribution may balance the interests of rich and poor
what was the equipose of the english constitution
monarch, commons, lords
what did aristotle believe was the mech of political change
what is the political ideal "left behind" by the greeks
the account of athens put in the mouth of pericles by thucidides