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1. Tell the legend about the meeting of John Smith and Pocahontas.
John Smith was taken captive gy the Indians. They were going to club him and Pocahontas threw her body over John Smith and asked her father to spare his life.
2. Who were the first English women to arrive in Jamestown?
Mistress Forest and Anne Burras
3. When was the Starving Time?
During the Winter of 1609-1610
4. Describe the Starving Time.
There was little food and much disease and sickness which led to starvation and death. Only 60 of the 500 colonists were left alive by spring.
5. Why wouldn't the First Americans trade with the settlers?
Because of a poor harvest and distrust for the colonists.
6. Where was John Smith during this time?
After being in a gunpowder explosion, he had returned to England for medical treatment.
7. What did colonist John Rolfe do that changed the economy of the colony?
John Rolfe grew a milder, sweeter tobacco and sent it to England. It became the cash crop of the colony.
8. What was so important about the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe?
It lead to peace between the colonists and Indians for awhile.
9. What was the system of government that started in 1619 in Virginia called? Draw the system of government.
Virginia General Assembly

House of Burgesses Council
10. What was the Virginia House of Burgesses?
It was the 1st elected legislative (which means lawmaking)body or group in America.
11. Why was the VA House of Burgesses important?
It gave the settlers the opportunity to control their own government.
12. What was the impact of the arrival of women on the Jamestown settlement?
It made it possible for the settlers to establish families and a more permanent settlement at Jamestown.
13.What was the impact of the arrival of Africans on the Jamestown settlement?
It allowed for more workers to grow more tobacco.
14. What hardships did the Jamestown settlers face?
1. The land was marshy and had no safe water to drink.
2. They had no skills to provide for themselves.
3. Many settlers died of starvation and disease.
15. What changes took place to ensure survival of the colony?
1. The arrival of two supply ships.
2. The forced work program-Work or starve-by the strong leadership of John Smith
3. The emphasis on self-sustaining agriculture-which meant they grew crops for cash and food.