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define MOB
the ablility of naval forces to maneuver and maintain themselves in all situations over, under, or upon surface
role of C-2A in MOB mission
support/provide safe flyable aircraft for all- weather ops. prevent and control damage, and maintain security against unfriendly forces
CCC- command control and communication
provide communication and related faciities for cordinating and control of external organizations
role of c-2A in CCC mission
function as on-scene commander for search and rescue
Fleet support ops (FSO)
provide supporting services other than logistics replenishment to fleet units
role of c-2a in FSO mission
provide support services, aircraft ferry services, conduct towing, search salvage and rescue ops
Non-combat ops (NCO)
selected operations of a noncombat nature not clearly categorized in any other warfare mission
role of c-2a in NCO mission
provide supply, clerical and post office services
define Logistics (LOG)
resupply of combatant consumables to combatant forces in the theater of ops
role of c-2a in LOG mission
provide COD flights and associated reciept/distribution of material mail and passengers
naval special warfare (NSW)
special mobile ops, unconventional warfare, coastal and river interdiction, beach, coastal reconn, and certain tactical intel ops
role of c-2a in NSW mission
deliver support and recover elements of SEAL and SDV teams