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accept /@k'sEpt/ verb

1 [intransitive, transitive] to take something that someone offers you: Mr. Ryan wouldn't accept any money from us. | The company offered him the job, but he decided not to accept.

2 [intransitive, transitive] to agree to do something or to allow a plan to happen: You shouldn't have accepted when he offered you a ride home. | Will the City Council accept the changes in the rules?

3 [intransitive, transitive] to agree, admit, or believe that something, often something unpleasant, is true: I accept that we've made mistakes, but it's nothing we can't fix. | Barbara wouldn't accept her husband's death for months afterwards.

4 [transitive] to let someone join an organization, university etc.: I've been accepted at Harvard.

5 [transitive] to let someone new become part of a group or society and to treat him/her in the same way as other members: It was a long time before the other kids at school accepted him.

6 [transitive] to let customers use a particular type of money to pay for something: We don't accept credit cards.

7 accept responsibility formal to agree that you are responsible for something: I won't accept responsibility for something I didn't do!

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
dormitory /'dOrm@"tOri/ noun

1 a large room in a hostel, convent etc. with many beds in it

2 Þ dorm

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
attempt1 /@'tEmpt/ verb [transitive]
to try to do something: I never would have attempted to climb that mountain!

attempt2 noun

1 an act of trying to do something: Can't you make an attempt to be nice to your sister?

2 an attempt on sb's life an action intended to kill someone, especially someone important

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
landlord /'l{nÄlOrd/ noun
someone who owns a building or other property and rents it to other people

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
forecast1 /'fOrk{st/ noun
a description of what is likely to happen in the future, based on information you have now: the weather forecast | the company's sales forecast

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
storm1 /stOrm/ noun

1 a period of bad weather when there is a lot of wind, rain, snow etc.: a snow storm
—see usage note at weather

2 a situation in which people suddenly become angry and excited: The mayor's policies caused a storm of opposition.

3 dance/talk/work etc. up a storm informal to do something with a lot of excitement and effort: Jenny and I cooked up a storm.

4 take sb/sth by storm to suddenly become very successful and admired in a particular place: a new show that's taking Broadway by storm

© Pearson Education Limited 2000
1 WIND MOVING [intransitive] if the wind or a current of air blows, it moves: A cold wind was blowing from the east.

© Pearson Education Limited 2000