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What information does the public have a right to?
information concerning the activities of the government
Who obtains recommendations from the OPR for records?
FOIA manager
Who provides training for the FOIA program?
FOIA manager
Who finds and provides the requested records?
When are fees waived?
when all assessable costs are $15.00 or less
How many days must a final response determination be made?
120 working days
What can requesters do if they are dissatisfied with the results of a FOIA request?
sue the Air Force
What are two types of FOIA requests?
simple and complex
What type of request is processed quickly and in small volumes?
Who does a requester submit an appeal to?
Secretary of the Air Force
What report is manddated by the statue, reported on a fiscal basis, and submitted to the Attorney General?
Annual Freedom of Informatiomn Act Report
Who is responsible for reporting information on the annual FOIA report?
FOIA manager
What does the Privacy Act of 1974 do for individuals?
protect them from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy
What is any group of agency records, in paper or electronic form, that contains information about people from which information is retrieved by a a personal identifier, such a a person's name, SSN, patient ID number, and so forth, through a cross-reference system?
system or records
What must the Air Force publish that is a description of its records systems covered by the PA?
federal register
Who is responsible to manage and safeguard the system?
system managers
Who is the focal point in their functional area for general PA questions and correspondence?
PA monitors
Does a requestor need to state the act when requesting records?
How many workdays should you give a copy of the requested records to the requestor?
30 workdays
What may a system manager ask for if a third party is present during a record review?
written consent
What is displayed when an information systems contain PA information?
warning banners
Who can request access to their records?
individuals and their designated representatives
When can you release information to a third party?
when the subject agrees orally or in writing
How many days does a system manager have to process access denials?
5 workdays
How is PA information protected?
according to its sensitivity
How can paper products be disposed of?
through DRMO or base wide recycling program
Can For Offical Use Only information be recycled?
How is For Offical Use Only information protected during nonduty hours?
stored to prevent unauthorized access
How is For Official Use Only information protected during duty hours?
keep out of sight
How is an individual paragraph in a classified document marked for Official Use Only?
placing FOUO at the beginning of the paragraph
What criteria must for official use only information meet under the Freedom of Information Act or it cannot be witheld?
Exemptions 2-9
What is the process of sharing ideas, information, and messages with others?
What are the three parts of communications?
sender, message, and audience
What is the objective of the electronic communications program?
to create clear, efficient, and effective communications
How should you identify who is responsible for what actions?
active voice
What should the average sentence length be?
20 words
Who is responsible for using the correct mailing address and functional address symbol?
What type of communications is offical, less structured, and on a private matter?
personal letter
What are the two types of endorsements?
same and seperate page
What class uses personal computer card security token?
organizational high grade service
What class includes non-organizational messages and is digitally signed?
individual medium grade service
Who is replacing or supplementing formal Air Force formats for communications?
electronic messaging
Who are two ways a message can be considered authentic?
contact sender or digital signature
Who is the focal point for the FOIA portion of the installation website?
Installation commander
Who makes initial determinations on the type of request and processing provided a FOIA request?
FOIA manager
Which is not a FOIA exemption?
administrative rules and practices
Who completes the DD Form 2564, Annual Report Freedom of Information Act?
Base FOIA manager
Privacy Act officers are responsible for
investigating complaints
What type of request allows other Air Force directives to give individuals access to Privacy Act Records?
Which element of a Privacy Act statement provides a list of where and why the information will be disclosed outside the DOD?
Routine uses
Which type of persoanl information can be given to third parties without the individual's consent?
gross salary of military personnel
What must the system manager do to avoid unauthorized disclosures of Privacy Act information?
verify the identity of all requestors
What is used to determine the disposal of Privacy Act records?
Records retention schedule
When are For Offical Use Only records marked?
when they are created
On the average, about what percentage of a communications do you write in the active voice to communicate effectively?
What is the main difference between an official memorandum and a personal letter?
What type of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
seperate page
Multipurpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest, or summarize problems are
background papers
Who is responsible for safeguarding his or her own common access card and the personal identification number?