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What is the most effective and economical way to state policies and procedures?
As technology advances, to what type of publishing system is the Air Force migrating?
Who evaluates and approves requests to establish special publication systems?
publications manager
As a rule, how many days is the maximum a temporary visual aid should be displayed?
When should you establish a formal paper version requirement for publications?
mission-related need only
In which section of Part 1 of the Air Force publishing product announcement would you find general information?
section D
Which distribution symbol is for classified publications and stocked and issued by the OPR?
Which type of distribution will not be place on the Air Force publishing web site?
L and X
Which distribution symbol is most widely used?
When a basic directive is superseded, its supplement
automatically stays in effect
When would a biennial review not be required?
if a special review was performed within the last 90 ways
What does the Air Force forms management program provide to help management capture information?
data collection tools
In which section of Part II of the product announcement would you find information on salvage, disposal, or replacement?
Section B
Who establishes standards and methods for analyzing, categorizing, designing, controlling, producing, and maintaining all departmental forms?
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Who has the responsibility to conduct a forms review every 2 years baes on the creation data of a form?
What type of form is used in two or more staff offices of a headquarters?
Which of the following is not a basis for a form's biennial review?
data electronically released
Who initiates special and reprint forms reviews on an "as needed" basis?
forms manager
What type of IMT change affects the visual and physical image?
What is used as the most effective and economical way to state policies and procedures?
What is an agreed upon set of principles of which we can do business?
Who consults with the publishing manager before developing a publication?
Who provides a 24-hour last chance review?
publishing managers
What is a special publication system?
a "standalone" system
What are the two systems of Air Force publications?
standard and special
What is considered auxiliary publications that extend or add material to publications issued by higher headquarters or agencies?
What are information publications which normally are "how to" documents and may include procedures for implementing policies?
non directive publications
What are the two types of visual aids?
permanent and temporary
What announces all the changes happening in the electronic and paper products?
product announcement
How many interim changes can be issued to an Air Force departmental publication?
1 to 5
What are the two types of changes?
emergency and interim
How many days does an OPR have to revise a publication after the release of a message or memorandum change?
180 calendar days
What are supplements?
add to material in higher headquarter publications
What is a holdover supplement?
when a publication is superseded, its supplements automatically stay in effect
What are the two types of publication reviews?
biennial and special
What is a new name for forms?
Information Management Tool
What three commerical off the shelf products does IMT consist of?
The ICS viewer, designer, and application program interface
What is an electronic language for documents containing structure information?
extensible markup language
What is the owner of a form?
When is an OPR no longer responsible for a form?
when it becomes obselete or transfers ownership to another activity
How often is a form review conducted?
every 2 years
Who ensures a prescribing directive publication supports each form?
forms manager
What type of IMT product is issued at base level and is used by two or more assigned units?
field IMTs
What type of product does not have to be prescribed and is not issued an IMT license?
office forms
Why are IMTs numbered?
for easy refernece and effective management
What are the two types of changes to an IMT product?
version and revision