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What is a parable
an earthly story with a heavenly meaning
Igneous Rock
rock formed by volcanic or fire action
granit, pumice, basalt
Metamorphic Rock
rock formed by pressure, heat, or chemicals
marble, slate
Sedimentary Rock
rock formed by layers of sediment
clay, coal, limestone, sandstone, shale
city limit
the legal boundaries of a large or important town, a place where people live together
a person who votes; a person who gives a formal expression of a positive or negative opinion as a choice
topographical map
a map that shows the elevation of every area, from sea level to mountain top, often by using different colors.
a conduit or artificial channel for conducting water from a distance
compactness; a measure of how much can be stored in a given area of space
a person who studies the earth's formation, soil, and rocks