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Records management standards and procedures must seek to accurately and completely document..?
Policies and transactions of the federal government.
Give an example of items that are NOT an Air Force records.
Museum, Library, and Publication Materials.
The Air force records officer is NOT responsible for..?
Establishing a training program for newly appointed base records managers
How often MUST the command records manager review each base records management program?
Every 24 months
The base records manager reviews base directives and forms before publication to..?
Ensure they comply records management directives.
What doesnt the RIMS's file maintenance and disposition plan not list?
The records cut off period
What type of labels does the records information management system print?
What is the first step in preparing the file plan for your office?
Determining what type of records your office is responsible for maintaining.
The records information management system file plan is considered approved when the...?
Records managers administrative approval is stated on the file plan and the chief of an office of record has signed it.
What authorizes the records custodian to set up the files according to the file plan?
Approval of the file plan by the records manager and chief of an office of record.
What is "disposition"?
Actions taken with inactive records.
On what is disposition based?
Time period or event.
Records not authorized for a specific disposition have a retention period of..?
Who is authorized to approve the permanent retention of records?
Archivist of the United States
When units change status but DO NOT change functions or missions, files are...?
Continued and cut off the same way and at the same time as if no change of status had occurred.
The emergency disposal of records, without regard to tables and rules, is applied when...?
The records are a menace to health, life, and property.
File folder labels are placed on file folders?
What information DOES NOT appear on a subdivion label?
Cut off.