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What act did congress amend that required Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people wit disabilities?
Rehabilitation Act
Who is the approval authority for the internet release package?
unit commander
How often must a page be reviewed?
at least every 180 days
Who must validate all links on web pages within their span of control?
web page maintainer
Who accounts for the classification, currency, sensitivity,, and release of information?
information provider
What are the two different search services on the Web?
directories and engines
What are search directories?
hierarchical databases
What is a world wide web site whose purpose is to be a major starting point for users when they connect to the web?
web portal
What is a key enabler for the information technology task force and a foundation program for other transformation task forces?
air force portal
What are self service applications?
allow users to obtain information that was previously processed by a third party
What does a single-sign-on do?
enables uers to enter their passwords once and gain access to applications with no further login
What is an e-mail message?
simple text message
What type of server handles outgoing mail?
What type of server handles incoming mail?
What type of files are automatically added by defauly to each new profile?
outlook address book and personal folders
What is your mail program telling the exchange server to do with your mail when you close your mail program?
hold your mail
What is a distribution list?
a collection of contacts
What is a feature of Microsoft exchange server that provides an effective way to collect, organize, and share information?
public folders
Where are public folders usually located?
exchange server
What must you have to share your private mailbox folders with others?
outlook/w Microsoft exchange server
What is the first step in repairing a mail box that will not recieve or send messages?
check the size of the mailbox
What program can you run to fix corrupt data files?
What information is required for all top-level private web pages?
Web page maintainer's organization, commercial and DSN number, and e-mail
Who oversees the unit web page development, maintenance, and establishes secuirty and access control requirements?
web master
What technologies does the air force portal use to deliver the right information to the right people?
At what level should content managers be assigned under the established tired management concept?
major command and Air Force
Who is responsible for assiting in the preparation of handbooks, developer guides, templates, and content checklist describing necessary information?
content manager
What type of protocol handles outgoing e-mail?
simple mail transfer
What type of folder is not created in Microsoft exchange server?
In what type of folder is a distribution list stored?
What is the default aging period for the deleted items with autoarchive turned on?
2 months
What type of folder is used to store items created offline that you want to send the next time you are online?
Where a public folders usually located?
exchange server