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What community do CSAs support?
a functional community
Who does the CSA take direction from?
the NCC & functional system administrator
What will standard licensing criteria ensure?
ensures network professionals maintain these systems & network
Who is responsible for performing inital system diagnostics and trouble shooting of systems assigned to them?
Who promotes user awareness concerning unauthorized or illegal use of computer hardware and software?
What is random access memory?
temporarily stores information that the computer is currently working with
Name the four connection ports discussed in the lesson?
Parallel, Serial, Firewire, and USB
What are some advantages of bus topologys?
simple and most common method
What are the two different types of models?
peer to peer & client/server
What is the physical address of a network device called?
media access control address
What type of IP address is used by the host computer to send a message back to itself and used for testing or troubleshooting?
What is a static IP address?
assigned by the internet service provide or the base's network
What is the most common type of media used for networks today?
twisted pair
What network media consist of a single-mode or multimode cable?
fiber optic
What do repeaters remove?
unwanted noise in an incoming signal
What acts as an entrance to another network?
What is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet?
What communication protocol lets network administrators manage centrally and automate the assignment of OP addressed in a network?
What is a directory like database that stores Websites by name?
Domain service name (DNS)
What program is loaded by a boot program and manages all other programs in a computer?
operating system
If your computer will not boot from the CD, what do you do to install Windows XP?
obtain the setup disk to start the computer
What does a directory service provide?
a single point of management for windows-based user accounts, clients, servers, and applications
What does active directory provide for Windows-based user accounts, clients, servers, and applications?
single point of management
What are the two types of user accounts available on your computer?
computer administrator and limited
What accound is available by default for users with no assigned account on a computer?
What is the table that an operating system maintains on a hard disk that provides a map of the clusters in which a file has been stored?
file allocation table (FAT)
What file system offers a number of improvements over the older file allocation table?
NT file system (NTFS)
What is the process of dividing the hard disk's space into chunks so they can be prepared for use, or even dedicated to different uses?
How many partitions can be designated as active at any given time?
What is the random access memory of a printer called?
What is lining up jobs to be completed in the order recieved?
What is a term used to describe putting print jobs in a buffer until ready to print?
What are the three ways to connect to a network printer?
file server, workstation, or network
What type of port do you create when using the add printer wizard for the basic communications language of a network?
How do you access a printer using a Web browser?
type the IP address of the printer in the address bar
What is 2 or more printers set up to balance a print job?
printer pool
What do printing priorities enable a user to control?
the order in which the documents are printed
What act may be violated by using government-owned software for personal use?
Copyright Act of 1976
What type of software must you not install on a government system without approval?
freeware, shareware, or personally owned software
What type of mechanism is used for a server-hosted, concurrent0user application software to prevent exceeding the authorized number of copies and users?
How do you dispose of old versions of COTS software?
return the software package and destroy the software
What are the two primary goals of any good anti-virus software program?
prevention and detection
Who develops local policy and procedures to effectively combat viruses?
What primary type of protocol do Web browsers use to communicate with Web servers?
What is the usal file format for a Web page?
What file name should you look for to initally load a program?
setup or install
Explain default.
the most common selection
What does the windows compressed folder feature accomplish?
save space on hard disk
What is the most common misconception about voltage?
that voltage kills people
How many volts of static electricty does it take to destroy a chip?
What does the power supply convert?
alternating current to direct current
What is gas given off by the breakdown of plastic components?
What can you use to get a system back in a bootable state it it fails to start?
emergency repair disk
What does ASR not restore?
yout data files
What are the two parts of automated system recovery?
ASR backup and ARS restore
What does the emergency repair disk allow you to do?
to get the system back in a bootable state
When should you create an emergency repair disk?
to make basic system repairs
What is the most common device for backups?
tap drive
Why must users not store files that they want backup up onto their computer?
enormous backup of network traffic
What is an incremental backup?
backs up all files that have changed since the previous backup
How many drives does disk mirroring use?
What do we call groups of servers that can work on one task simultaneously and appear to be a single computing entity on the network?
What does the ping command show?
shows if it connects to the distant end
What is the command to ping your own computer's NIC?
What is a set of related programs located at a server that protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks?
What type of memory is permant and used by the computer for important data?
read only
Which of the following is not a duty of the client support administrator?
maintain a list of users and passwords for security reasons
What does a standard licensing criterion ensure?
personnel accessing the network are knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilties
What computer group can modify and delete only the accounts they create?
power users
What is a cluster?
basic unit of logical storage on a hard disk
Which is not a notable feature of the NT file system?
integrated file de-compression
What is a special subprogram that knows the command language for a specific printer?
print driver
What group has only the print permission?
What is a set of computer programs, procedures, and associated documentation concerned with the operation of a data processing system?
Normally, we consider upgrades from an original software source as
a continuation of the original license
How does automated security incident measurement software enhance network security?
by logging, analyzing, and identifying all network traffic
What file is usually required to install an application?
What files does the emergency repair disk contain that initialize the MS-DOS environment?
config.nt and autoexec.nt
What type of backup always requires two tapes to restore your data?
Who usually sets the leased obtain and lease expire dates for an IP address?
What does pinging the IP address accomplish?
performs a system loopback on the network interface card to see if it can send and recieve