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What is the basic purpose of information management?
efficient and effective management of information in all media within their respective organizations
What does the United States Code contain?
all operative federal statues
How often is a revised edition of the United States Code produced?
every 6 years
What defines the authority of the government and the constraints under which the government must act?
Public Law
What imposes strict requirements for managing government information to improve the agency's mission and to make information available to the public unless availability is strictly prohibited
federal statue
Where does the authority for all function and responsibilities of information management originate?
United States Code and Public Law
What act recognizes information as a federal resource and directs agencies to establish specific programs for management of resources?
Paperwork Reduction Act
Which act provides policy to ensure public access to Federal government information?
Freedom of Information Act
Which act provides policy and safeguards to protect privacy of individuals?
Privacy Act
Which act defines information resources management and directs further program management requirements?
Paperwork Reduction Reauthorization Act
Which act sets policy for and mandates establishment of agency programs for the management of Federal records?
Federal Records Act
Which act eliminates GSA's authority over information technology procurement?
Clinger-Cohen Act
What is any statement or reception of knowledge such as facts, data, or opinions, including numerical, graphic, or narrative forms, whether oral or maintained in any media?
What is the primary purpose of manging information effectively and efficiently?
to enhance the Air Force mission
What are the five ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
security, privacy, freedom of information, paperwork reduction, records preservation
What are the stages of the life cycle in order?
creation, processing, dissemination, use, storage, disposition, creation
What are the four classes of information in cognitive hierarchy?
data, information, knowledge, understanding
What is the highest class of information in cognitive hierarchy?
What is gained once information determining reliability, relevance, and importance is evaluated?
What are the Air Force's foundations of leadership?
core values
What does the Air Force invest in its Airmen to develop their abilities and train them in the desired skills?
time and resources
What is the goal of force development?
to prepare airmen to successfully lead and act in the midst of rapidly evolving environments, while meeting their person and professional expectations
What must Airmen master at the tactical or the personal/direct level?
primary duty skills
At what level do Airmen understand the broader Air Force perspective and the intergration of diverse people and thier capabilities to execute operations?
operational level
At what level do Airmen combine highly developed occupational and enduring competencies to apply broad professional leadership capabilities?
strategic level
What must be completed prior to a 3-level performing a task unsupervised?
task certification
What must an individual do the first day of notificiation of selection for promotion to staff sergeant?
be entered into upgrade 7 level training
What is the special role of information managers in every organization for overall strategic information planning and integration?
information consultants
What is critical among all information managers in every organization and at all levels?
a network of open communications
Who are the information managers customers?
all information users
Who are some of the information manager's external customers?
other federal agencies, Congress, other state or local government agencies
Which flight provides network control center, help desk, network management, and small computer support?
Information Systems (SCB)
Which flight provides visual information services?
Support (SCS)
Which flight provides technical and systems support for wing communications and computer systems including ground radio?
Mission Systems (SCM)
Which flight manages activities related to the base level command, control, communications, and computer systems planning?
Plans (SCX)
Which communications squadron flight provides administrative communications and records management support?
Information Systems (SCB)
What communications squadron flight supports mobility and deployment planning for information managers?
Plans (SCX)
What type of burden is caused when a base is overloaded with an abundance of 3-levels?
Who has the responsibility of ensuring job rotation?
base functional manager
What is the normal period for job rotation?
24 months
What is the USAF methodology for organizing, training, equipping, and sustaining rapidly responsive air and space forces?
What document describes the operational concepts for the global environment?
Joinh Vision 2010
Who must ensure the range of air and space capability and expeditionary task force opinions are emphasized in all plans?
What are the building blocks used to create operational plans?
Unit type codes (UTCs)
What part of a force package/unit code can be classified?
Mission Capabilities Statement (MISCAP)
What do information managers use to report their pre-deployment preparation status and deployment duties?
AF IMT 209
What type of personnel are critical to the Air Force in providing a strong national defense capability?
skilled and trained personnel
What are the three components of the OJT program?
job knowledge, proficiency, and experience
What are the minimum requirements for award of the apprentice skill level?
complete an initial skills training course
How many months of upgrade training must a journeyman complete before award of the 5-skill level?
min. of 15 months
Who must recommend and approve upgrade to the 7-level skill?
supervisor and commander
Who orders and issues CDC material?
unit training manager
How long does a trainee have to complete a volume of the CDCs?
30 days
What form is used for documentation during upgrade training?
AF IMT 623a
What does the supervisor do after the trainee completes the last unit review exercise?
conducts a comprehensive review of the entire CDC with the trainee in preparation for the course examination
What must a supervisor develop to ensure completion of all work center duty position requirements?
master training plan
Who must attend Air Force training course, maintain required task qualifications, and develop evaluation tools?
Who is responsible for conducting additional evaluations and certifying a trainee's qualifications on a designated task?
What is the minimum rank of a certifier?
SSGt with a 5-skill level or civilian equivalent
What is the goal of the utilization and training workshop?
to establish a viable CFETP
What do people involved in training use as part of instructional systems development?
occupational analysis
Who ensures tests are valid and relevant by using rating of test importance, knowledge of job structure, and performance by pay-grade groups of specific tasks?
What does the master training list include?
all duty station requirements
What is a person assigned by the commander to determine an individuals ability to perform a task to required standards?
certifying official
What is a comprehensive task list that describes a particular job type or duty position?
Ait Force job qualification standard
Which section in Part II of the CFETP identifies MAJCOM unique training requirements?
Section E
How mant sections are in Part II of the CFETP?
What part of the CFETP gives information necessary for the overall management of the IM career field?
Part 1
What plan outlines the training information managers need throughout their career?
What recognizes outstanding professional performance by Air Force officers, enlisted, civilians, and organizations working in communications and information?
Air Force communications and information annual awards program
How long must nominees have worked in the AFSC in order to be nominated for the Information Management Outstanding SNCO award?
more than 180 days
What are the two different selection methods that a base usually used to determine a quarterly award winner?
written packages and boards
Which of the folliwng are ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
security and privacy
What best describes the operational level of force development?
When may a trainee perform a task unsupervised?
when he or she is task certified
Who provides functional expertise and direct customer service to help staff support information managers?
base functional manager
What outlines the work center description and approved variances for the IM flights in peacetime?
airforce manpower standard
What function is associated with the records management IM core competency?
What term best descrives a collabrative environment to create, manage, and track form based information to automate common business processes?
information management tool
What type of connection should not be used to synchronize a blackberry or palm pilot device?
Who is the advisor for all issues affecting the information management career field?
Air Force career field manager
Who is the final authority to waive career field education training plan requirements?
Air Force career field manager
Who serves as a voting representative during the utilization and training workshop?
MAJCOM functional manager
What unit type code covers communications and information responsibilities?
When is the AF IMT 209, Communications and Information Management After Action Report, provided to an individual?
before they deploy
What skill level is completion of the career development course mandatory?
craftsman and journeyman only
Within how many days after notification of test arrival does a unit training manager schedule the trainee for examination?
30 days
Within how many days does the unit commander conduct an interview with the supervisor and trainee after a course failure?
90-reserve command
What options does the commander have after a trainee's second failure of the CDC examination?
evaluate for possible CDC waiver
Who conducts quarterly IM forums to ensure IM personnel are kept abreast of career field changes?
base functional manager
Who identifies qualified subject matter experts to help with the development of specialty knowledge tests?
MAJCOM functional manager
Whose responsbility is to ensure all information managers have a current copy of the CFETP?
base functional manager
What type for alternative training consists of instructors, trainers, training aids, and operational equipment that formal schools send to bases or operating locations?
mobile training teams
What is the purpose of the planning and implementation management seminar?
provide just-in-time training on base-level planning and implementation flight
How many parts are in the CFETP training plan?
How many people can make up a team that is awarded the General Edwin W. Rawlings Award?
2 to 25
Which award in the Air Force Communications and Information Annual Awards Program is named for the first commander of the Air Force Communications Service?
Lieutenant General Harold W. Grant award
What AFSC is qualified for nomination of the Air Force Information Management Outstanding NCO award?
3AXXX only
What is recognized during the quarterly awards program?
Individuals and teams only