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Which statement would be the responsibility of med tech during routine pt admin to nursing unit?
Obtain vital signs, height, weight
How many lbs baggage are allowed for pt being aeromedically evac to another facililty
A pt who is authorized to live outside hospital while still reeiving treatment considered
subsiting out
when planning nursing activities main goal
help pt reach highest possible level of health
realative to nursing process what client goal
realistic and measurable statement of exected change in pt behavior
what way to help relieve most of pt concerns prior to surgery
preop teaching
what nursing activity is main aspect of resolving nursing diagnoses?
what action would you take when recovering a post op pt who is hypoxic due to resp depression from anestic agent
admin oxygen
which position is bed placed in preparation to reeive post op surg pt/
post op pt required to turn caugh and deep breath every
2 hrs
What dressing applied to a wound when debridment is needed
wet to damp
what size suture material is used to close an incision on the bottom of foot
prologned heat treatment can cause what reflix action in human boxy
relix vasoconstriction
a fracture that results from diseas such as metastic cancer of bone is called
what type of traumatic facture does whiplast cause
avoid semi-recumbent postion for long periods of time for the orthopedic pt because
promotes flexion deformities of hip
which term used to describe the sound that bones make as they rub together
what procedure or treatment used to prevent or alleviate irritation aroudn of edge cast
the cramping,buring, or crushing pain complained about by amputees in their missing lim is reffered as
phantom limb pain
what equipment is essential to have at the postop bedside after surgical amputation
during the acute state of strock primary goal
sustain life
which statement provides a hospilized child with sense control
established daily rituatls and routines
the normal adaptive mechanism used by children when they loose sense of control is
when caring for achild with nausea/vomit primary concern
amount of sleep required at night by elderly generally
lesss because of frequant daytime names
which sign of uremia
moodines,bad temper, extreme neatness are influenced by which factor
which psychriatc term defines an irresistible urge to perform apparently meaninless actions
which psychric term denies a mood disorder id by feeling elation and well being, flight of ideas, and physical overactivity
pt who feels unloved, uneeded, inferior, and hurt desplays behavior