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force equals mass * what?
what is force?
a push or pull that causes a change in shape or motion
voltmeters measure what?
voltage difference
the two types of fluids are?
hydraulic and pnuematic
are gases compressible?
multimeters measure what?
voltage, amperage, and resistance
the positive pole in an electrode is called what?
are liquids compressible?
density is found by:
mass divided by volume
manometers are used to measure:
pressure differemces
heat is characterized by:
vibrating motion of atoms and molecules
what is torque?
force-like quanity in rotational mechanical system
thermocouples use how many wires?
the negative pole is called:
a hydrometer is used to measure:
density or specific gravity in liquids
work equals:
force times distance
input work is performed by:
a human or motor
output work is:
work done by the system
spring scales are used to measure:
input and output force
the basic unit of work in the english system is?
the basic SI unit of work is:
when is linear mechanical energy performed?
when a mass is moved in a straight line
when is angular work performed?
when a mass is moved in an axis or rotation
mechanical work causes an object to:
start moving, stpo moving, or change directions
fluid work equals:
pressure difference times volume moved
in a closed system the fluid is:
is there such thing as linear or angular fluid work?
when is electrical work done?
a voltage moved a specifiedamount of electrical charge
what is the symbol for charge?
what is the basic unit for electrical work?
rate equals:
displacement like quanity divided by elapsed time
velocity is:
the measure of linear mechanical work
is speed scalar?
what is the english unit for rate?
foort per second
what is the SI unit for rate?
meter per second
how many radians are in one revolution?
what is the english unit for angular rate?
revolutions per second
what is the SI unit for angular rate?
radians per second
the strobescope is used to measure?
angular rate
in fluid systems ,what is flow rate?
volume of fluid moved in a given period of time
volume flow rate is symbolized by:
what are the english units for fluid flow?
gallons per minute
a dewar flask is used to:
store heat energy
heat flow rate is symbolized by:
hertz is a measure of:
what is the unifying eqaution for resistance?
forcelike quanity divided by a rate
what are the two forms of resistance?
friction and drag
what is the equation for the force of friction?
coefficent of friction times force
what must be overcome to start an object in motion?
sliding friction
kinetic friction must be overcome to:
keep an object in motion
how can friction be reduced?
what is fluid resistance?
resistance generated by a solid moving through a liquid
laminar flow is the opposite of what?
turbulent flow
what is an example of an conductor?
what is an exapmle of an insulator?
what is a semi conductor?
what is resistivity?
quality of a material that describes how muchit permits electricity to to flow through it
what is thermal resistance?
opposition to flow of heat through a material
conductivity is what:
inversely proportional to resistivity
what is the equation for thermal resistance?
delta t divided Qh
what is energy?
the ability to do work
what is energy used for?
overcome resistance
what is the equation for potential energy?
force times height
what does k stand for?
spring constant
capitance is measured in:
what are inductors?
electronic devices that consists of coils of wire rapped around a core
what are the units for I?
what is the weight density of water?
62.4 Lb/ft^3
what is radiation?
transfer of heat energy by electromagnetic radiation
what are the units for energy?
calories and BTU's