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(n.) shortness
The speech was notable more for its __________ than for its clarity.
SYN: conciseness, terseness, pithiness
ANT: verbosity, long-windedness, prolixity
(v.) to conduct or bear oneself, behave;
to be in agreement
As the students left the building, the principal reminded them to ___________ themselves as emissaries of the school.
SYN: deport oneself, agree, concur
(adj.) expressing much in a few words
As a rule of thumb, editors and readers appreciate writing that is __________ and forceful.
SYN: breif, succinct, terse, pithy, to the point
ANT: wordy, verbose, long-winded, prolix
(adj.) sober or serious in manner, modest
Despite her __________ appearance, she is a competitive speed skater, always ready for a challenge on ice.
SYN: shy, diffident, sedate, semmly, decorous
ANT: bold, forward, assertive, immodest
(n.) a lessening in value;
a belitting
The accountant calculated the __________ of the computer over a period of five years.
SYN: cheapening, lowering, devaluation
ANT: increase, appreciation, enhancement