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weak point, a point lacking strength.
achille's heel
since The Killer knew The Monster's achille's heel, his left knee, it was easy for him to win the wrestling match.
loud, booming; incredibly loud and audible.
the general used his stentorian voice to call the privates to attention.
to aid in memory, to help to remember.
the phrase FANBOYS is a mnemonic to aid in the memory of the conjunctions.
to search out; to find depth in.
Though jules vern was great at predicting the future, even he could not have fathomed such a wonder as the internet.
to discover by a lucky chance; to unexpectedly discover.
it was by sheer serendipity that penecylin was discovered.
randomly jumping about; jumping from one subject to another.
being a desutory student in her early life, by the time she got a job, shannon couldnt ever keep on task, but rather stuck with her old habbits and jumped from assignment to assignment.
an outcast; one who is socially unacceptable.
his compleete obsession with pink ponies made people think he was weird, and, eventually, made him a paraih.
cheap; lacking in taste
her cheap costume jewlry did not give her the regal look she had hoped for, but rather a fairly tawdry appearance.
relating to mony; having to do with monitary matters
Those who work at the national mint have a very pecunairy job, for they manufacture money all day.
poor; lacking monitary wealth
though most professional rock climbers are impeunius, they often have far more happiness and inner wealth than those caught up in the working city life.
a system of government ruled by a king or queen
Queen elizabeth's monarchy is the country of england
a system witout government, no power higher than the other' a system of dissaray
if we do not continu to go by today's democratic system, our country may fall into compleete anarchy.