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Adjacent, adj.
next to,
Syn- neighboring
Ant- remote
alight, v, and adj,
lighted up,
syn- descend
ant- ascend
barren, adj
syn- desolate, arid,
ant- fertile
disrupt, adj
disturb, to break up
syn- displace, disorder,
ant- arrange
dynasty, n
a powerful group of people
syn- regime
foretaste, n
syn- preview, anticipation,
germinate, v
to begin to grow
syn- burgeon
ant- stagnate
humdrum, adj
syn- monotonous, prosaic
ant- exhilirating
hurtle, v
to fling or hurl forcefully
syn- catapult
ant- crawl
insinuate, v
to suggest or hint slyly
syn- imply, intimate,
ant- broadcast
Interminable, adj
syn- ceaseless
ant- fleeting
interrogate, v
to ask questions
syn- query
recompense, v, n,
v- to pay back
n- a payment for loss, service, etc.
syn- compensation
renovate, v
to repair
syn- recondition
resume, n
a brief summary (job)
syn- synopsis
sullen, adj
silent or brooding b/c of ill humor, etc. sluggish
syn- surly, peevish, morose,
ant- blithe, vivacious,
trickle, v, n,
to flow,
a small irregular quantity of anything
syn- dribble drizzle
ant- gush, deluge
trivial, adj
not important
syn- petty, trifling,
ant- momentous
truce, n
a pause in fighting
syn- armistice,
ant- warfare
vicious, adj
evil, bad,
syn- malicious
ant- kindly, harmless