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To break away from
state located between the union and the confederacy
border state
plan in which california enteres the united states as a free state and the fugitive slave law was passed
comprmise of 1850
states that remainedloyal to the united states government
state in which slavery was not allowed
free state
law whice stated that escaped slaves had to be returned to their owners,even if they had reached the nothern states where slavery was not allowed
fugitive slave law
law allowing people of kansas and nebraska to decide weather they would allow slavery in their territory
kansas-nebraska act
organized,secret system set up to help enslaved people escape from the south to freedom in the north or canada
underground railroad
loyalty to a section or part of the country rather than to the whole country
law to control the behavior of slaves
slave codes
government formed by the seven seceding states,also known as the confederate states of america
state in whice slavery was legally allowed
slave state