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cavalier (adj)
cavalier(n.) cavalierly(adv.) cavalierness(n.)
The recently diagnosed patient of lung cancer left the hospital in a cavalier manner, apparently completely unaffected of the fact that she was dying.
haughty, arrogant; offhand or unceremonious
pedantic (adj)
pedant(n-person) pedantry(n.-practice)pedantically(adv)
She explained to me in a pedantic way exactly how my unconscious self worked down to the last detail when I'd simply asked where dreams come from.
excessively or inappropriately showing learning
bellicosely(adv)bellicosity or bellicoseness(n)
Many ancient civilizations were very bellicose, constantly engaging in war after war.
inclined or eager to fight
sublime (adj)
sublimely (adv) sublimity (n)
Several people fail to realize how sublime nature truly is; its beauty and detail amazes me.
elevated or lofty in thought, manner, appearance...; inspiring awe; supreme outstanding, grand, magnificent
hiatuses or hiatus (plural)
There was a brief hiatus during the meeting when the secretary brought the boss an important phone call.
a pause or interruption; a gap (in time, action, thougth - not in an object)
stentor (n.-person)
The stentorian microphone blasted across the entire crowd during the president's inaugural address.
very loud or powerful in sound
madrigal (n)
madrigalesque (adj)
My husband read me my favorite madrigal at our wedding reception; it was short but lovingly sweet.
a short, lyric love poem capable of being set to music; a song for 5 or 6 voices containing 2 separate melodies
colloquy (n)
plural: colloquies; colloquial(adj) colloquialism(n) colloquium(n)
When the secretary interrupted, we were in the middle of a serious colloquy, discussing the benefits of our product and competitor's products.
conversation, dialogue; high level serious discussion
rigmarole (n)
Babies speak in rigmarole; in their minds, they make sense while to us, it's meaningless.
an elaborate or complicated procedure; meaningless talk
dowager (n)
Mrs. Sproull became a dowager when her late husband passed away who willed his 20 thousand acres to her.
a woman who holds property from her deceased husband; an elderly, dignified woman, usually of high social position