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1. Benign
kind, gracious, or generous
2. Cordiality
sincerity or heartiness; warm friendliness
cordially invited....
3. Dismember
tear apart, cut to pieces, or tear the limbs from
4. Edification
moral improvement or spiritual benefit
to edit...
5. Ensue
to come after or to follow; to happen as a result.
6. Gape
to open wide; to stare open-mouthed; to desire eagerly; a wide opening.
7. Inquisitive-
asking many questions; curious interested in the business of others
8. Kudzu
a perennial vine of the pea family that is native to Japan and China
9. Malignant
very evil, hateful, or harmful
10. Placid
pleasantly calm or peaceful; serene
11. Prowess
bravery or daring; brave or daring acts
12. Ramshackle
loose and shaky, likely to come apart; rickety, week, or feeble.
13. Rigid
stiff, firm, or not bending; strict or not changing
14. Quibble
a play on words; to evade upon the truth by twisting one’s words.
15. Tacit
implied or understood without being openly expressed; saying nothing, still, or unspoken.